5 DIY Father’s Day Gifts For Dad

5 DIY Father’s Day Gifts For Dad

It's never a bad time to be thinking about gifts for dad, but Father's Day is an extra-special occasion! Father's Day is a great opportunity to show dad how much you love him, and making your own Father's Day crafted gifts is a fantastic way to show dad how much he means to you.

Are you struggling to come up with some Father's Day gift ideas this year? At Spotlight, we love to celebrate all the hard-working dads out there, and we've collected some of our favourite Father's Day craft ideas we think dads of all types will enjoy. From wearable gifts to the kind he'll love to eat, read on to discover our top 5 DIY Father's Day gifts you can make at home.

1. Father's Day cards

Every good Father's Day starts with a card, so let's make one dad will remember! Our Father's Day cards craft project goes through every step of making a simple but stylish Father's Day card, bow tie included! And don't feel like you need to stick to the colours in our project - recreate dad's favourite going-out shirt, his well-worn everyday t-shirt or even his favourite sports jersey on this highly-customisable card project.

Browse our papercraft category for the coloured paper, cutting tools, fuzzy felt, craft buttons and a hot glue gun you'll need to make your card.

Make your father figure a customised card and share some memories with them

Dads hoard beanies like squirrels hoard nuts, so it stands to reason a beanie is one of the most popular Father's Day gift ideas. So why not give him a handmade one with some heartfelt meaning behind it? This knitted beanie project is easy to make even for beginners, and you can choose your own acrylic yarn ball to suit his tastes in colour. Finish it off with a jaunty pom pom and you'll have a beanie dad will love to wear all year round!

Check out our yarn and needle art collection for all the knitting supplies you'll need, including knitting needles, magnifiers and extra tools and accessories.

Knit a handmade beanie to keep your father figure warm and cosy this winter

If your dad has a sweet tooth, baking him a cake is sure to make his day! While all of our cake and confectionary projects make great Father's Day gift ideas, we've chosen a camping-themed cake for you to make on Father's Day - with its many fine details and use of sprigs from your own garden, even dads who don't camp will be stunned by this exquisite cake.

You can find all your ingredients in our baking and chocolate-making category, including the fondant and icing, any colour additives and all your decorating tools. And don't forget our party invitation collection for the decorative tent on top!

Bake and decorate a cake to make your dad smile at the sweet gesture

If you're lucky enough to own a Cricut machine, you can make your dad his own custom t-shirt for Father's Day! Create your design using the machine, print it out and then adhere it to a plain t-shirt using a Cricut press - check out this denim jacket project for some Cricut inspiration and bring your Father's Day ideas to life.

Browse our Cricut collection for any tools and accessories, special materials and infusible ink you'll need to create your custom design.

Create a custom t-shirt for your father figure to wear on all their adventures

Die-hard footy dads will love repping their team in a homemade scarf or pillow blanket! These sewing projects are suitable for beginners and don't feel like you're restricted to AFL either - use green and gold for an Aussie-themed getup, or look for colours that represent his soccer, rugby or basketball teams if those are his favourites.

You can find all the equipment in our sewing and fabrics hub, including your patterned fabric, a sewing machine, any haberdashery and dressmaking scissors and measuring tools.

Dress your sporting fanatic father figure in their favourite footy gear

Bring Your Father's Day Craft Ideas To Life With Spotlight

Ready to get busy and make some amazing Father's Day crafts? Spotlight has all the art and craft supplies you need to make your gifts for dad - shop online and have your supplies home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store to do your shopping in person.

Be sure to browse our craft projects and sewing projects for hundreds of amazing free projects you can use for your own Father's Day ideas.




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