Our range of table coasters will protect your table from stains & be a stylish addition to your table setup. Shop drinks coasters in many colours at Spotlight.

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Enjoy Stylish Coasters From Spotlight

Protect your table from water marks and scratches with the right set of coasters from Spotlight. From stylish woven cotton coasters to modern and sleek ceramic coasters, our range is sure to include a set (or two) to suit your dining table.

Materials Matter When it Comes to Styling Your Coasters

Our coasters come in a range of colours and styles, but what about materials? Coaster materials can impact the functionality and you want to choose a material that also matches your table aesthetic. Here's a quick rundown on some of our favourite types of materials used for drink coasters:

  • Cotton - our soft cotton coasters are tightly woven into beautiful patterns to provide you with a dense, firm coaster that gives off a decidedly boho/beach house style.
  • Polyester - smooth and waterproof, polyester coasters are a durable option that brings a subtle sense of luxury to any setting.
  • Ceramic - smooth and white, ceramic coasters are a clean and simple option for any table. They can also be painted or decorated with techniques like decoupage, should one-of-a-kind ceramic coasters be more of what you're after!
  • Resin - hard, durable and shiny, resin coasters are easy to clean and are one of the easiest resin crafts to make on your own!
  • Wicker - rustic and textured, wicker coasters are a charming addition to any dining table.

All our coasters can be wiped clean with a damp cloth when needed.

Coasters FAQ

What is a coaster?

A coaster is a small, flat piece of material used to protect a table from the heat and liquid damage it could sustain from a drinking glass. Coasters can be many shapes and colours, but are usually made from materials that can withstand a modest amount of heat and water. They usually come in sets of at least four, and are sometimes bundled with matching placemats.

How do I use a coaster?

A coaster should always be placed on a dining, side or coffee table before setting down any kind of drinking glass or bottle. A coaster will prevent heat from hot drinks from damaging tables and prevent water rings from staining the table. Coasters will also protect glass tables from any scratches caused by drinking glasses being placed down or moved around too harshly.

How do I style my coasters?

The right coaster can really help tie together your dining table's style, especially if paired with matching or complementing placemats or a tablecloth. Use coaster materials similar to the ones used around your home - such as wicker coasters if you have wicker storage baskets or drawers, or woven cotton for a boho home with macrame hangings.

One great tip is to make sure your coater material is different to your table - so avoid wooden coasters on a wood table, and glass coasters on your outdoor glass dining table. Instead, mix and match textures for an interesting and visually appealing tablescape!

What Else Can I Find For My Dining Table At Spotlight?

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Find The Right Coasters and Elevate Your Dining Table

Once you have found the perfect coasters for your dining table, buy online and have them home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store to view the range in person. Did you know you can make your own beautiful coasters with Spotlight? Browse our projects page for fantastic coaster-making projects, like our outdoor coasters, colour bloom coasters, cotton blend coasters and ceramic plant coasters.



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