How To Create A Simple Valentine’s Day Table Setting At Home

How To Create A Simple Valentine’s Day Table Setting At Home

Want to enjoy a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day but don't want to experience the hassle of travelling to and paying for an expensive restaurant dinner? Spotlight has everything you need to create a romantic table setting you and your partner will love, without the expensive price tag - plus you get to enjoy your favourite home-cooked meal at the same time!

Setting the table doesn't need to be overly complicated or tricky - follow these simple steps to create your own beautiful Valentine's table setting.

Start Your Romantic Dinner Setting At Home With A Tablecloth, Placemats And Coasters

If you love the natural look of your dining table you can leave it bare, but otherwise we recommend bringing out a tablecloth to serve as your base. Classic white is always a good base but may also make your dining table feel too much like a restaurant - for a more intimate feeling, choose a tablecloth that is a deep red or even black.

If you have a quality tablecloth you may not need to use them, but you also choose to use some elegant placemats for a little decor, as well as to protect your table or tablecloth from spills. Avoid thin plastic placemats and go for thicker, more elegant placemats made from wood or a softer material like cotton or linen. Match with some coasters so you can enjoy drinks without the fear of drink stains appearing!

Create A Romantic Table Setting With Polished Cutlery And Dinnerware

The right tableware can transform plain food into a feast for the eyes, so pick your best when it's time to create a romantic dinner setting at home. Plates and bowls from a matching dinner set will always look lovely when layered on top of each other, or choose an elegant platter made from glass or wood if you will be sharing a meal.

Cutlery should be polished to a shine - stainless steel is a classic, but needs to be free from any spots or fingerprints. A quick dip into hot water with vinegar and then a wipe with a soft cloth will make your stainless steel cutlery look brand new!

Dark Victorian-Eclectic Table Setting Decor

Enjoy A Glass Of Your Favourite In Quality Cut Glasses

Whether you're serving water, wine or your favourite cocktail, the right glass not only adds to how nice your drink looks but can actually affect how good it tastes as well!

Upgrade from a simple tumbler if you're serving water by pouring ice water into any of our elegant, jewel-cut glass tumblers. Or enjoy a refreshing glass of beer from any of our quality beer glasses!

Choosing the right glass for your wine can affect how the aroma and flavours are experienced, so make sure you have the right glasses on hand! White and red wine should be served in any of our lovely wine glasses, while sparkling wine must go in a champagne flute so the bubbles can rise properly.

Finally, check out our fabulous range of cocktail glasses and barware for all your mixed drinks! From a simple whisky on the rocks to a delicious martini, we've got the right glass for you to enjoy your drink in right here.

Set The Mood With Candlelight Or String Lights

Mood lighting is important for, you guessed it, setting the mood! Rather than having your normal overhead lights on, consider using candles or string lights to dine by instead.

Candles create a warm, flickering glow that is perfect for a romantic table setting. Choose a romantic scent like cinnamon, jasmine, vanilla or rose for your candle, and make sure to place your candles away from any other flammable decor.

Fairy lights create a steady, soft light that will make your romantic dinner much more magical! Make sure to choose string lights in the warm yellow colour and not cool or harsh white, as cooler lights are less cosy and more harsh on the eyes. Twine the string lights down the middle of the table for a wonderful glow everyone at the table can enjoy!

Finish Up With These Valentine's Table Decor Ideas

Now that you have everything you need on your Valentine's table setting, it's time to add the finishing touches. Flowers are a traditional and beautiful choice for a Valentine's table setting - roses are the most popular choice, but you can also go with peonies, pink lilies and tulips all arranged in a beautiful vase.

You can also pop a few ornaments on the table - whether they're ones important to you and whoever you're dining with or just ornaments you think will look great, a choice selection of ornaments can really make your romantic table setting look much more elegant and well put together.

Matching dinner plates, bowl and mug with dark floral design

Create A Stunning Valentine's Table Setting With Spotlight

We hope we've inspired you to create your own table setting that will bring your Valentine's table ideas to life! Shop for dining supplies online, safely pay and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to choose what you need for your romantic table setting ideas in person.

For more information on table setting and tableware, read our buying guides on table linen, servingware and drinkware. And for some table and dinnerware inspiration and ideas, check out our blogs on everyday tablescaping ideas, ceramic dinnerware and cheese platter ideas.




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