How to create an office setup at home, plus extra home office ideas!

How to create an office setup at home, plus extra home office ideas!

If you work in an office, chances are you now have the handy option of working from home for your job. Working remotely cuts commute time and has given employees more flexibility than ever before, but it does mean you need to create your own office setup at home. Creating a home office design that allows you to work efficiently can be tricky, but here at Spotlight we love office supplies and are here to help you create a space where you can be comfortable and productive at the same time. Read on to find out everything you need to know about home office setup, as well as some great home office ideas to make you more productive.

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How do I choose my work from home space?

The first thing you need to decide considering any home office setup ideas is to pick the space you are going to use. You may be lucky enough to already have a home office or at least an empty room you can work in - otherwise converting a spare bedroom can work instead. As a last resort, you can choose to work in a shared space like the kitchen or living room, but it may be worth finding a divider or curtain you can set up while working to prevent distractions and give yourself some privacy.

When choosing a space to work in at home, consider the following:

  • What is the lighting like? Do you have plenty of natural light or will you be relying on electric lights in your office? Natural light is gentler on the eyes and more relaxing to work with, while electric lights can be aimed and controlled to your needs.
  • What are the noise levels like from other parts of the home? While this won't be a problem if you are alone during the day, a full house may mean that rooms like the laundry, kitchen and lounge room are producing a lot of noise. This can not only distract you, but may come through if you are making video or phone calls - if you do have a noisy home, a room with a door will be very helpful.
  • What is the airflow like in the room? While a constant stream of air isn't necessary to work productively, a still and stuffy room can make you feel stifled and tired, lowering your productivity. If you have a space with a window, opening it when you need some fresh air is easy, but otherwise you may like to have a desk fan on hand.

What do I need to work from home?

Now that you've found the perfect spot for your home office setup, what exactly do you need?

  • A desk - either a straight or L-shape work desk will give you plenty of room to work effectively. If you will be working from home a lot, invest in a quality desk that will last, rather than a cheap one that will need replacing every few years. The height of your desk may be set in stone, so make sure it is tall enough for you to sit at and comfortably rest your arms on.
  • Computer - your work may provide a laptop for you to use, or you may need to connect to your work's server from your personal home computer. A second screen is also useful, but not essential. Ensure basics like a keyboard and mouse are all working correctly before you work from home for the first time.
  • Powerpoints - make sure wherever you set up that you have a power point with at least two outlets. You will want to have your computer plugged in, as well as a charger for your phone and any extra applicances, like a fan or desk lamp.
  • A chair - a good desk chair is extremely important, as it will determine how your back and neck hold up after sitting down all day working. You will need more than a kitchen or deck chair - try to find a chair with armrests and adjustable heights and angles.
  • Strong internet - internet speed in Australia is spotty at best, so do everything you can to ensure the internet you connect to for work is as good as it can be. You may need a wi-fi extender to help the internet reach your workspace - otherwise, try using an ethernet cable instead of wi-fi for a reliable connection.
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What is the best height for my work desk and chair?

The height of your desk, chair and monitor are crucial to working comfortably and safely at home, as having even one of these at the incorrect height can lead to neck pain, headaches, sore wrists and dry eyes.

  • Office desk setup - your office desk should be wide enough and far back from the wall that you can stretch your legs out while sitting down. When you sit down, you want your elbows resting comfortably on the arms of your chair, with your forams extending straight to the desk and your wrists resting in front of the keyboard.
  • Office chair setup - Your chair should be at a height where your thighs are almost parallel to the floor, with your feet resting fully on the ground. If you need to be a little higher but if you can't adjust your chair, consider a chair pad. Make sure your back is straight and not angled back. If you have everything right but can't rest your feet on the ground, consider an angled footrest to support your feet.
  • Computer monitor setup - when looking straight, your line of sight should be hitting the top third of your computer screen. You may like to have your screen angled up slightly to encourage good head positioning.

Home office setup ideas

When laying out your home office setup, consider the following home office design tips:

  • The best home office layout ideas involve creating and keeping space, so make sure there is plenty of room for your screens, keyboard and any paper and pens should you need it. An L-shape desk is a good choice for when you need space for extras, as it allows you to have all your electronics in front of you and any extras nearby within easy reach. Use storage space like drawers and built-in shelves under your desk to keep extra office supplies.
  • If you have two screens, make sure they are both next to each other straight in front of you, to prevent you from having to twist your head to look at either of them.
  • Ensure your keyboard is far forward enough that your arms are not hanging off the edge of your desk when you use it, but not so far away that you need to lean forwards to reach it.
  • If you are using one, have your mouse next to your keyboard. Depending on the make of your desk, you may like to have it resting on a mouse pad - some of these even have built-in wrist support, so make sure to explore which mouse pad is right for you.

Make sure any wires from your monitor, hard drive and mouse are neatly bundled away from you and won't get caught in your feet behind your desk. Cable ties or velcro strips are a great way to keep your cables together.

Work from home extras

Now that you have everything you need in your office, why not make the experience a little more pleasant with some extras? There are a few additional home office ideas you can implement to your décor to make working from home more comfortable, efficient and even a little fun! Try the following:

  • An indoor plant - humans love looking at greenery, and the workplace is no exception. Did you know that studies have shown having a plant in your workplace can help with productivity, make you less stressed and even help you feel more attentive? Plus they help improve the quality of air in the room. And if your green thumb is a little rusty, you can still get a lot of these benefits from an artificial plant There are heaps of home office decor ideas out there - try trailing vines on your windowsill, planters above your head or a simple pot plant beside a sunny window.
  • Healthy snacks - having a few snacks on hand can help keep you focused and energised, but make sure to reach for healthier snacks and avoid sugary treats. A small bowl of nuts, veggie sticks and dip or dried fruits are all tasty snacks that will keep you full of energy throughout the day.
  • Your pet - having pets in the office has a variety of benefits for workers, and your home office is no exception! If you have the space, popping a small bed down for your dog or cat gives them a spot that is 'theirs', which will encourage them to stay put while in the room. Your pet will remind you to take breaks and move, helping keep you fresh and mobile throughout your work day.
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Home office health

No matter if you are working in the office or at home, it is important to practice good office health to prevent injuries and promote good habits.

  • Keep moving - it is important to stand up, stretch and move around when you are working. Sitting down all day can lead to a stiff neck and back, and to prevent this plus other strain-related injuries, it is important to move your body every one to two hours. Stand up, stretch and do a quick walk around before sitting back down.
  • Rest your eyes - eye strain can be caused by staring at a screen for too long, especially if it is quite bright. Make sure to adjust the brightness of your screen down from its default setting. You should also try to give your eyes a break every now and then by staring at a far-off object for fifteen seconds to rest and reset your eyes.
  • Use scents - did you know that certain scents can help keep you sharp and boost your productivity? Several studies have shown that the smell of mint can help keep you alert, improve your memory and assist in productivity. Orange, lemon and similar citruses can help with keeping sleepiness at bay and boost your mood, as well as making your workspace feel a little cleaner. You can use scented candles to provide some light and warmth to your home office, or choose a home diffuser if you just want the scent benefits.
  • Stay hydrated - keep screen headaches at bay by making sure to drink plenty of water as you work. This will also help you take small breaks throughout the day, giving your eyes a rest each time. Bonus points if you have to take a little walk to the kitchen each time to fill up your glass!

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