Spring is coming! Refresh your home with these simple home decor ideas

Spring is coming! Refresh your home with these simple home decor ideas

Unbelievable as it might seem, spring isn't too far off. And with it comes the opportunity to freshen up your place with a good old spring clean and some clever home decorating. So if you're already pining for warmer weather, here are some spring home decor ideas to pop on your seasonal to-do list. Everything from fresh linen to uplifting wall art prints to a spot of herb gardening in the kitchen. Here's how to welcome spring into your home and get ready for a bright new start.

Let Some Light & Air Inside

Let some light (and air) inside

If you've been locked inside running the heater all winter, you might be feeling a bit stuffy right now. The solution? Give your home a big dose of air and light by opening everything up. If it's too chilly to leave the windows open all day, try and crack them open for a few hours at least - your house will feel fresher in no time. While you're at it, have a think about the kind of window furnishings you might need for the sunnier months ahead. Room darkening curtains, for instance, can be great for keeping the house cool.

Declutter & Organise

Declutter and organise

Spring cleaning traditionally means a big clear-out and cleanse, but there's no need to do it all at once. That sounds stressful! Instead, make a list and tackle one task at a time, whether that's chucking out old pantry items or dusting forgotten shelves. Cute storage baskets might even help you stay organised! (Plus: natural materials like jute and cotton add to a laidback springtime vibe.) Use baskets to stash extra throws and pillows by the couch, or keep books and ongoing craft projects in reach. They're also great receptacles for kids' toys - when you need all those building blocks and dollies to stay out of sight.

Put Some Spring In Your Sofa

Put some spring in your sofa

Snuggly textiles and moody hues are all very well for winter decor, but with warmer weather on the way it's time to think about sunny colours and clean and simple fabrics. Changing out the cushions on your couch is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to signal the change of seasons in your home - plus, it's a good excuse to get a bit creative. Perk up your sofa with cushions that say 'spring' to you: whether that's boho textures, classic whites and creams, natural hues, pretty pastels or bold tropical prints. For an extra lift, have a think about investing in a new sofa cover to update your trusty old couch with something fresh.

Bring The Outside In

Bring the outside in

Spring is all about new beginnings, so why not get something growing to celebrate? Add greenery with fresh cut flowers in a vase, or go for something more unconventional - like eucalyptus or ferns. Indoor plants add freshness and colour to any home, so invest in some pretty pots and pick up plants from a local market or nursery to add to your collection. (You can also beg cuttings from friends and neighbours.) Herbs grown in the kitchen are also great for adding taste to your cooking and fresh scents to your home.

Get Your Linen Cupboard Sorted

Get your linen cupboard sorted

Get ready for the great bedding swap! Time to wash and fold away all those big blankets and flannelette sheets for another year. If you're feeling extra-keen, pop some lavender sachets in among your pieces to keep things fresh and deter any fabric-nibbling pests. Meanwhile - wash, air and audit your springtime bedding options. Is it time to give your bed a new look? Think light and breathable sheet sets in gorgeous hues, fresh and simple quilt covers, natural tones and maybe a few fun feature cushions as well. It doesn't take much to sleep sound in style.

Fresh Art For A Fresh Outlook

Fresh art for a fresh outlook

Looking to liven up your walls or maybe introduce a new colour palette into your home? A new piece of wall art could be just what you need to freshen up the house for spring. Go for a big bold statement piece if you've got the space (these look great over couches or stairways). Or think about building an eclectic collection of smaller prints and pictures, and hanging them together as a cool gallery wall. Beautiful art and decorative objects are real mood-boosters, so look for pieces that speak to you and bring a little happiness to your heart and your home.

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