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Entertain In Style With Spotlight's Range of Serving Trays And Platters

Choosing the perfect serving platter makes a big impression when you're home entertaining. It is said that we eat first with our eyes, and beautiful servingware can elevate an everyday meal or snack into an enticingly delectable display. Whether you're looking for a large serving platter or a simple wooden serving tray, you can find a wonderful variety of styles, designs and materials in Spotlight's dining range. Keep an eye out for reputable brands like Culinary Co, Ombre Home and Bouclair in your search for the perfect serving platter or tray - from round serving trays to generous serving platters, you're sure to find the ideal match for any dish here.

Platters And Trays - Which Should You Choose?

With so many servingware options available, it can sometimes be hard to decide what platter or tray is best suited to your edible offerings. Here is a quick rundown on the difference between a serving platter and a serving tray:

  • Serving platters: Typically made from ceramics or stoneware, these can be likened to extra-large plates. Serving platters are the ideal choice when you want to spread out food items for maximum visual impact - think beautifully cut fruits, an array of deli treats or an elaborately layered salad. The slight curvature and smooth surface of platters mean that they're perfect for anything that is a little juicy or has a dressing drizzled over the top.
  • Serving trays: Whether it's made of metal, timber or rattan, it's best to think of food serving trays as vessels for containing an array of smaller dishes, drinkware or a teapot and teacups. They're also great for easily transporting a number of snacks at a time! Large and small serving trays can add colour, texture and a sense of bounty to your table, and are perfect for containing small ceramic bowls filled with chips, pretzels, nuts or lollies as a party serving tray.

Platter trays can be round, oval, square, rectangular or even hexagonal! Choose a shape that suits your tastes, but also one that you can safely store away.

Serving platters and trays FAQ

How to wash a serving tray

How you wash a serving tray or platter will depend on what it is made from. Ceramic or stoneware serving platters and trays can be placed in the dishwasher, but wooden trays and platters must be handwashed. Wood can retain moisture from a dishwasher's cycle and become mouldy, so it's always best to handwash and immediately dry them. This goes for ceramic and stoneware trays with wooden handles as well!

How to decorate a serving tray

Choosing a variety of differently coloured treats works wonders when it comes to creating party platters with impact. In particular, fruits and berries offer a rainbow of colour and suggest bounty and freshness to your guests. Ensure that each portion is bite-sized so it can be easily picked up and/or skewered without making a mess. If the portions are large, your grazing board or platter is less appealing to partygoers and more likely to remain uneaten. There's something about grouping foods in clusters of three (or any odd number) that creates an appealing symmetry on any oval or rectangle serving tray. Generously mounded treats grouped together will always look more artistic than when they're individually displayed across the platter.

How to treat a wood serving tray

Wooden serving trays need special care, as they are easy to scratch and chip and can become dry and brittle with age. You can gently sand back scratches to decrease their severity, but you must always oil your wooden serving tray afterwards! Use food-grade oil to polish your tray, and leave overnight to absorb before storing your wooden serving tray or platter away. These steps can also be applied to wooden cheeseboards.

What Else Can I Find in the Kitchen and Dining Category At Spotlight?

Browse the full range of servingware for all your other entertaining needs and discover our top picks below:

  • Serving utensils: Serve with style using our range of quality serving utensils. These include large salad spoons and forks, ladles, tongs and other handy servingware.
  • Serving bowls: A deep serving bowl is a great way to present leafy salad greens, potato salads or whole fruits. Think anything that would require tongs or serving spoons to dish up, or for food that would look best presented in a generous mound.
  • Jugs and bottles: Keep your guests hydrated with our range of stylish serving jugs and bottles. From classic clear and brown glass to rustic creamy ceramic, you can find a jug or bottle to suit your dining decor here. Pair with drink dispensers so your guests can get their favourite drinks easily!

Find The Right Serving Platters And Trays At Spotlight

If you're looking to elevate your dining experiences, Spotlight's wide range of servingware includes everything you need for everyday family meals and special occasions alike. You can shop online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery - or choose to make your purchases in-store where our friendly team members can help you find everything you need.

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