How to Wash & Care For Flannelette Sheets

How to Wash & Care For Flannelette Sheets

Flannelette sheets are the perfect bed linen for cold nights - these fuzzy, warming sheets will keep you comfy and cosy throughout winter as you sleep. At Spotlight we love showing off our gorgeous range of flannelette sheets, but while all flannelettes are known for being super warm and comforting, they're also known for being tricky to care for.

How you wash, dry and even store your flannelette bed sheets can influence how they feel and how long they'll last you. In this blog we'll aim to address the best ways to care for your flannelette sheets so you can keep them soft and cosy for as long as possible, and enjoy being toasty warm in winter every night!

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What Is Flannelette?

Flannelette is a material that is woven from cotton (unlike flannel which is traditionally made from wool) that has been brushed with a fine metal brush to raise the fibres. These raised fibres help trap air and warmth, as well as creating a lovely textured surface that feels wonderful on your skin.

Because it is made from cotton, flannelette sheets tend to be breathable and will wick the moisture from your skin to keep you dry as you sleep - which can happen even in winter when you've got plenty of layers on your bed.

One of the downsides to flannelette is that it is prone to pilling. This occurs when the raised fibres of the sheet run together in the wash, and the friction causes little balls of fluff to appear on the surface of the sheet. These balls make the surface of the sheet feel a little rough, plus they weaken the sheet and can eventually lead to rips occurring.

How to stop flannelette sheets from fluffing when it's time to clean them, then? The ways you wash and dry your flannelette sheets will determine how much pilling they experience, if any. Let's go through some of the best ways you can keep your flannelette sheets in their best condition!

How To Wash Flannelette Sheets

The key to preventing pilling is to stop heat and friction from building up as your sheets are washed. Learning how to wash flannelette sheets will ensure not only that they stay clean, but it will help them last longer too!

When you get new flannelette sheets you may like to give them a wash in cold water to remove any loose fibres that have remained from the sheet creation process. But when washing your flannelette sheets after use, always wash them in cool or warm water, never hot -30? is a good temperature to aim for. This will prevent any pilling from forming due to the hot water agitating your sheets.

Reduce friction by using a gentle cycle and, if you have one big enough, wash your flannelette sheets inside a laundry delicates bag. This will prevent it from being roughed up by your washing machine's drum. You should also avoid washing flannelette sheets at the same time as any other materials that might catch and cause them to pill, like velcro, heavy garments and anything with zippers or buttons.

Finally, use a gentle liquid detergent and avoid chemicals like bleach that can damage your sheets. Don't add too much no matter what kind of detergent you are using, as if it isn't washed off completely your sheets may come out with some residue on them.

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How To Dry Flannelette Sheets

The way you dry your sheets can also influence pilling. Tumble drying or using a dryer is not recommended for flannelette sheets, as the high heat and vigorous spinning can undo all the delicate washing you did previously and cause pills to appear.

Once your sheets are clean, remove them and give them a good shake-out - this will fluff up the sheets and straighten them out. Then, it's time to line-dry them! Line drying in the shade is ideal, as the heat from direct sunlight can damage your flannelette sheets and weaken them, as well as cause any colours to fade.

If you don't have access to a line to dry your sheets on, make sure to use a low-heat setting in your dryer and don't leave them in there for too long.

How To Store Flannelette Sheets

You don't need to store your flannelette bed sheets in any special way compared to other types of bed linen, but you still should store them carefully to prevent damage from insects, sunlight and heat.

Flannelette sheets should be loosely folded (avoid severe creases and pressure) and stored away from light and heat in your linen cupboard. If you have a rather packed linen cupboard then storing your sheets in baskets or clear containers will help keep it neat and tidy, ensuring you can access your flannelette sheets whenever you need. For more information on storing your bed linens, read through our blog on storage hacks for your linen cupboard!

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Sleep Soundly On Flannelette Sheets From Spotlight

Now that you know how to wash flannelette sheets and the best ways to care for them, it's time to get yourself a fresh new set of flannelette sheets from the bed linen collection at Spotlight. Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your flannelette sheets straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the perfect flannelette sheets for your bed.

For more information on the types of bedding you can find at Spotlight, check out our buying guides on bed linen, pillowcases and quilts. And for more bed ideas and inspiration, read our blogs on the best bedding for your sleeping style and some easy guest bedroom styling ideas.




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