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Can I purchase upholstery fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight offers a wide range of upholstery fabrics for all your interior design needs. Upholstery fabrics tend to be heavier than for instance dressmaking fabrics and curtain and blind fabrics and have a tighter weave for more durability and strength. It is available in many different styles and colours, with individual product descriptions giving you information on width, fabric and price. Natural upholstery fabrics can be linen, cotton, wool silk and leather, while synthetic options will acrylic, polyester, rayon and nylon. Often two types of fabric are blended together to get the best features of each material.

What types of upholstery fabrics are included in the range?

Our range of upholstery fabrics includes plain fabrics, patterned fabrics, imitation animal skin fabrics, textured and tapestry fabrics, velvet fabrics and more. At Spotlight, all our upholstery fabrics are available by the metre, allowing you to mix and match and get as much or as little as required. We recommend buying sufficient quantities for your project at the outset, as there may be small colour differences between different batches of the same fabric as a result of the dyeing process.

What else is included in this range?

To finish off your upholstery project, you may require some covering fabric, for instance, to hide the springs or webbing under a chair seat. These areas are often covered by a cheaper bonded fabric, which can easily be stapled to the edges of the chair seat. This fabric is available at Spotlight as well. In addition, packs of foam filler are included in the range. Other fabrics such as wadding or batting, that are sometimes used to add an extra layer of comfort to upholstered furniture, are also available from Spotlight.

Does Spotlight sell other fabrics too?

Yes, if you have need of fabrics to make curtains, blinds, cushions and other soft furnishings, do not forget to check out our huge range of curtain and blind fabrics, which offers a wealth of different colours and styles. In addition, general purpose fabrics are also available at Spotlight as well as many tailoring and dressmaking fabrics, plus speciality, novelty and craft fabrics.

How do I care for my upholstery fabric?

Once you have used the fabric to upholster pieces of furniture, you will probably have to use a specialist upholstery cleaning product to remove dirt and stains. This may come in an aerosol can or have to me mixed with water. Always test new cleaning products on an unobtrusive piece of material first, such as at the bottom of a chair or the back of a cushion, to make sure that your material is colourfast. Avoid using more water than necessary as some fabrics can be prone to shrinking, and always follow the instructions supplied with your upholstery cleaning product. Some larger item may be able to be cleaned with a steam cleaner, which you can purchase and often rent.



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