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Protect Your Table With Quality Placemats From Spotlight

Add a little style and protection to your dining table with the right table placemats from Spotlight. No matter if your dining table is small and round or large and square, you can find the perfect placemat to suit it right here. Our placemats come in handy packs of 2 and 6 to suit your tables, as well as in singles should you need extras or replacements. Make meal time easy to clean up and keep your table protected with stylish

The Best Placemat Materials

Our placemats come in a range of durable and beautiful materials, including:

  • Polyester and olefin placemats - these durable synthetic materials are easy to clean, as they won't absorb liquids and sauces from your food.
  • Cotton placemats - cotton is soft and light, although when braided or woven creates quite a thick and durable placemat.
  • Jute placemats - this natural material is lightweight and tough, and comes in some lovely natural colours.
  • Linen placemats - our linen placemats are a stylish addition to any table.
  • Wicker placemats - our charming wicker placemats are perfect when you need a more rustic-looking placemat.
  • Bamboo placemats - this natural material is perfect for making eco-friendly placemats. Bamboo placemats are naturally anti-bacterial too!

Table Placemats FAQs

What are placemats?

A placemat is a protective piece of material that goes on a dining table to protect it from heat and food stains. They are usually square or round, although can come in many different shapes and sizes. Dining table placemats are designed to be easy to clean, often only needing to be wiped down after use.

Should I use round or square placemats?

The choice between square or round placemats should come down to the shape of your dining table, with the shapes looking best if they match. The sharp corners of a rectangular placemat will clash with the rounded edge of a circular table, while circular placemats will look a little lost on a square or rectangular table.

How can I style my dining table placemats?

Certain materials for your placemats will look better in your home if it has a specific style than others. Examples include:

  • White ceramic placemats will suit a minimalist or modern-styled home.
  • A woven cotton placemat will match any macrame hangings in a boho-styled space.
  • Wicker and jute placemats will suit a dining room full of natural materials, like a nautical or rustic home.

What Else Can I Find For My Dining Set Up At Spotlight?

Add more to your dining table with products from any of these categories!

  • Table linen - protect your table with a beautiful tablecloth, table cover or table runner from Spotlight. Our tablecloths come in heaps of beautiful colours and patterns to suit your home decor style.
  • Coasters - avoid the dreaded water and coffee ring stains on your table by always placing your drinks on a coaster.
  • Tableware - everything you need to eat with can be found here, including cutlery, bowls, plates and serving platters.

Discover more at our kitchen and dining hub online.

Find The Right Placemats To Create a Stylish Dining Table At Spotlight

Great for both decor and protection, our table placemats are perfect for your dining table. Discover the range online, where you can pay your way and have your dining table placemats home delivered. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to vire our table placemats in person. Did you know placemats are one of the easiest dining table accessories to make yourself? Check out our project page for heaps of fun placemat craft walkthroughs, including our jelly roll placemat, hasina placemat, timber placemat and hessian placemat projects. Make sure you are choosing the right table linens by consulting our table linen buying guide today!



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