National Science Week: 3 easy science experiments for kids

National Science Week: 3 easy science experiments for kids

Who says science experiments for kids can't be fun? And messy? And cute? And a bit gross? Just in time for National Science Week, we've concocted three easy hands-on projects that little ones will love. Because sometimes the best science experiments are the ones you do at home, where you can cover yourself in goo and coloured dye all in the name of education.

Watch our fun experiments for kids below. And if you want to brush up on a bit of the science behind them, we've got you covered there as well. It's learning, but it feels like play.

Rainbow Flowers

Using food dye to turn white flowers into your favourite colour is obviously very pretty and cool! It also demonstrates transpiration, where the flowers are drinking up water through their stems. They're doing what they usually do, but the dye helps us see it more clearly.

Shaving Cream Art

How do you get that fun marbling effect using shaving cream and food dye? The soapy cream is a surfactant, which means one end of its molecule attracts water and one end repels water. The water-based dye can't soak in - but it does soak into the paper, making a pretty art piece!

Cornflour Slime

This gloopy concoction is totally weird! It's what scientists call a Non-Newtonian fluid, which means you can change its viscosity (make it more liquid or more solid) under force. In this case, the force is you smooshing it in your hands.

Happy National Science Week! Have fun experimenting and don't forget to check out our kids craft projects to keep the little ones entertained.




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