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Discover the Different Types of Elastic Used in Sewing

Elastic is used in a variety of sewing projects - this includes garments as well as handcrafted bags. If you have been curious about the different types of elastic, be sure to read the useful guide below, which contains all the various types of elastic you may encounter in your sewing projects.

What Is a Braided Elastic?

The braided elastic is the type of elastic most people are familiar with. The elastic is characterised by parallel ribs running across the entire length of the elastic.

When this elastic is stretched it becomes narrower - this could have some disadvantages when the material is overstretched over a longer period. Braided elastic can also lose some of its strength once you pierce it with a sewing needle, so sewing through the elastic is not recommended.

Despite some of its weaker points, braided elastic is a fantastic choice for neckline casings and sleeve hems. Of course, ensure the proper size will greatly help the longevity of the elastic.

What Is a Knit Elastic?

Knit elastic is used in many garments, mainly because this type of elastic feels soft against the skin and is not as bothersome as some other types of elastic. Another benefit of the knit elastic is that the material does not go narrower when it is stretched, which means it adds a certain longevity to all garments it is used in. Crafters can also sew through knit elastic - this because of the premium strength the material has.

Most crafters will use a knit elastic for fabric with a light or medium weight. It can be applied directly on the fabric, but it can also be used as a casing, much like the braided elastic we mentioned earlier.

One of the applications we especially recommend for knit elastic is pyjama bottoms - this because the material can withstand plenty of stretch and feels comfortable against the skin. Therefore, it is the perfect option for nightwear.

What Is a Woven Elastic?

Crafters who are looking for extremely strong elastics should certainly consider the woven elastic. The elastic is characterised by various vertical and horizontal ribs, which run throughout the length of the material.

Woven elastic can be used for a variety of garments and other crafting projects. It is suitable for fabrics of medium and heavy weight - therefore, you can use this elastic for home decor items, bags, outerwear, and most popular garments.

What Is a Fold-Over Elastic?

The function of the fold-over elastic is slightly different than the elastics we mentioned earlier, because this type elastic is used to put accents on clothing - this opposed to elastic that ensures a garment stays in place.

Fold-over elastic is used by crafters to finish edges on stretchy fabrics or garments overall. The elastic provides a certain smoothness, but ensures that the stretch in the garment is maintained.

Most retailers provide fold-over elastics in various designs and colours, so crafters can be quite creative with a fold-over elastic. However, there is one small downside to this material, since it can feel rather uncomfortable when it comes in contact with your skin. Therefore, it is best to keep a fold-over elastic on the outside of fabrics and garments.

What Is Lingerie Elastic?

Since lingerie needs incredible support combined with strength, it needs a special type of elastic - therefore, lingerie elastic is in a class of its own. Lingerie elastic can be knit elastic, but other elastic types can also be used for lingerie.

When looking at a range of lingerie elastic, you will immediately notice a wide range of colours and textures. With so many colours and textures, crafters can easily choose something to fit their lingerie design.

Lingerie elastics can also be used as a decorative element in lingerie and other garments. Aside from the plain lingerie elastic, you will also find lingerie elastic with a scallop or a picot trim.

Please note that certain types of lingerie elastic can have a different material on the reverse side - this ensures that the lingerie elastic feels comfortable against the skin when worn for a longer time. So, if the lingerie elastic is going to come in contact with the skin, be sure to look for lingerie elastic with this special back material.

What Elastic Types Are Available at Spotlight?

Spotlight provides crafters with a full range of elastics - this includes all the different types of elastics we have mentioned earlier. Our elastics come in a plain design, but also in some bolder designs to match your creative garments.

Do you have any questions about the elastics available at Spotlight? Or are you unsure which type of elastic would be best for your crafting project? For more information about our elastics, or to get a recommendation for your sewing project, do not hesitate to contact theSpotlight team today.



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