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What You Need To Know About Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains are extremely popular these days because of their many benefits. Of course, if you are not familiar with them, you may wonder why you should invest in some. Below, we have listed some essential information on thermal curtains and why you should obtain some for your home.

What Are Thermal Curtains?

Thermal curtains are made from various layers of fabric, this can be double or triple layered. Most of these curtains will have a special acrylic coating or a layer of acrylic foam in the middle, this provides additional insulation.

What Are Thermal Curtains Used For?

Due to their insulating properties, thermal curtains are best known to keep warmth inside the home. During the colder months, it can prevent warmth from leaving your home, or cold from entering your home through a small crevice in the window.

In addition to having heat-regulating properties, thermal curtains tend to have more functions. Most thermal curtains are also blackout curtains, this means they will block sunlight from entering the home when they are closed. Naturally, these kinds of curtains are suitable for the bedroom.

Because of the insultation material present inside thermal curtains, you can also expect these curtains to dampen sound. So, if you live near a busy road and want to reduce some of the traffic noise, you should certainly have a look at thermal curtains.

Can I Use Thermal Curtains In The Summer?

Many people mistakenly believe that thermal curtains are only suitable for the summer months, this due to their insulating properties. However, thermal curtains are more than suitable for the summer months too.

While thermal curtains keep in the heat during the winter, they will do the opposite during the summer. Because of the unique backing or additional foam layer inside the curtains, the thermal curtain can also protect your home against heat gain in the summer, especially when the curtains remain closed.

Will Thermal Curtains Really Save Money On My Energy Bill?

Even homes that have proper double glazing and sealing will have some degree of heat loss around the windows. While the loss of heat will be minimum for these houses, the addition of some thermal curtains can prevent that heat from being lost.

While there is no doubt that thermal curtains can save on your heating bill, it is impossible to predict how much they can save you. It all depends on the amount of heat you lose without those thermal curtains in place. However, there is no doubt that some of the cost of your heating bill will go down.

Can I Add Thermal Lining To My Regular Curtains?

For homeowners who really love their curtains, there is a solution in the form of thermal lining. By adding thermal lining to your current curtains, you can reap some of the benefits of full thermal curtains.

We must mention that the effectiveness of thermal curtains depends on more than the lining alone. A lot of thermal curtains consist of several layers and are made from fabrics that contribute to the thermal properties of the curtains in question. While this does not mean your curtains with thermal lining will be less effective, it is a good idea to examine the differences before you start a thermal curtain crafting project.

If you do decide to make your own thermal curtains from scratch, always remember that thermal curtains are made through a combination of heavier fabric and an insulating material. The best insulating material is acrylic, which is often used as a coating or as a layer of foam between the fabric layers.

Can I Get Thermal Curtains At Spotlight?

Spotlight provides a wide range of thermal curtains, this in addition to a range of thermal lining and thermal fabrics. So, when you shop at Spotlight, you can buy premade curtains or make them from scratch. Either way, you can save big on our catalogue!

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