Birthday Party Craft Ideas For Kids

Birthday Party Craft Ideas For Kids

Kids' birthday parties are often loud, busy and exciting events for both the attendees and the supporting parents. At Spotlight we know how to throw a good party, but did you know that when it comes to kids' parties, you have more options for entertainment than you think? Popular party games like pass the parcel, musical statues and pin the tail on the donkey are all exciting and fun party activities, but did you know that crafting activities are a popular way to entertain kids at a party? We have heaps of craft ideas for kids up our sleeves that are great fun for parties - read on to find the best crafting activities for birthdays, including what you need and clear instructions.

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Why are crafting activities for birthdays a good idea?

If you've got a birthday child who is a budding artist or keen crafter, art and craft party activities are a great way to nurture your child's interest and perhaps spark it in their friends as well. Crafting activities will help kids focus on improving their fine motor skills, plus they'll create something they can take home afterwards (which saves you creating a party bag). Craft activities for birthdays are also a nice way to create a calmer, less frantic atmosphere at your child's birthday if anyone needs a break from the high energy!

How do I choose the kinds of crafting activities to use?

One of the first things you need to decide is if your party guests will be making one large project or several smaller ones. Will you all be doing one craft at a time, or will you have 'stations' set up across your home that allow guests to pick what they make?

Begin by determining what kind of crafts the birthday child is interested in. Acrylic painting, papercraft, model making and jewellery creation all require different supplies and setups, so make sure you go through your options with the birthday child carefully to determine what kind of craft party you will have. Whatever you choose, make sure guests can bring home what they make!

You should try to create what your guests will be making yourself before you decide on it, to make sure the projects are feasible for kids to make in a limited amount of time. Excessive drying times or fiddly parts may mean projects are not finished before the party ends, which could lead to frustration and tears from younger guests.

For some craft ideas for kids you can try, check out our projects below:

Crafty party activities for older kids

Some craft projects require using a hot glue gun, which requires a steady hand and an understanding of the risks. Hot glue guns should not be used by children aged eleven and under, so adults may have to step in if help is needed.

Steampunk Keyrings

Once kids are old enough to start having their own sets of keys, they'll need something to keep them on - a handmade keyring is a great way to personalise this! This steampunk-inspired project will have kids creating an eye-catching and super cool keyring using jewellery-making tools like wire cutters and pliers.

Party Hats

This craft activity uses a hot glue gun to secure all sorts of colourful craft accessories onto plain party hats. It's a great chance to get creative - kids can add colour using markers and paint before adding embellishments like gems, washi tape, sequins and chenille stems on their hat… and don't forget the pom pom on top! Make sure the hat is nice and dry before guests start wearing them.

Crafty party activities for younger kids

Younger kids can experiment with colours and improve their cutting skills with this selection of craft activities! For any oven use, make sure there is an adult availble to turn it on and handle any hot objects.

Sculpey Friendship Rocks

These adorable painted rocks are not rock at all, but sculpted and baked clay that has cooled. Kids can shape and paint their rocks, but the baking step must be completed by an adult. Extras like glitter and sequins can also be added to the rocks, or try using special paints like metallic, puffy or glow-in-the-dark colours to make each rock unique.

Foam Beards and Moustaches

This one is sure to get the kids giggling! Create fantastic facial hair shapes out of coloured foam which can then be worn using an elastic band around the head. Create bushy beards, handlebar moustaches or even a goatee with this funny craft project!

Crafty Party

Crafty party activities for girls

Girls will love creating these cute, colourful crafts that they can take home and show off.

Inverted Fishtail Bracelet

Create a colourful bracelet using loom bands, pencils and a hook. This is a great activity to practice 'knitting' skills and kids can make the bracelet as long as they need to - it can even be turned into a necklace!

Pompom Bunnies

Super softy and fluffy, these pompom bunnies will introduce your guests to the fantastic world of pompom making! You can also use this project as a base to create other cute animals in all sorts of colours.

Crafty party activities for boys

Spark the creativity of young boys with these crafty party activities!

Papier Mache Dinosaur Letter

You will need pre-made papier mache letters for this task - you can find a huge range of pre-made letters online here. This dinosaur letter is great for displaying in your child's bedroom and can serve as part of a sign, as a bookend or just as some awesome home décor.

Dino Mask

These awesome masks can be worn at your party as soon as the glue is dry, and feel free to create your own designs when making them! You can also use glue to add extra embellishments to your masks like pompoms, chenille stems and feathers.

Craft Activities For Birthdays

Get the adults involved

If you have parents staying for the duration of the birthday, why not have them participate as well? You can have parents and their children working on crafts together, but if the kids want to create their pieces on their own, you can make a special 'adults' craft table with activities like adult colouring books, cocktail glass painting and embroidery hoops.

Find craft activities for birthdays at Spotlight!

Ready to throw the coolest craft party ever? Spotlight has everything you need to host your event, from party decorations and tableware to craft supplies. You can make your purchases online and choose from home delivery or click and collect, or head into your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find what you need for your event.

For more great party themes, decorations and costumes, check our party page online. And for delicious birthday cakes and treats, don't forget to browse our cake and confectionary projects - you're bound to find something to inspire your own creativity!




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