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Top Tips To Keep The Classroom Organised

Classrooms require a huge amount of organisation. In fact, many teachers often spend hours trying to make their classroom more streamlined, only to find that the same mess appears at the end of the day. Fortunately, Spotlight is ready to help with a limitless range of storage solutions as well as top tips to keep the classroom organised.

How Do I Avoid Messes In The Classroom?

If you spend a lot of time cleaning the classroom every day, it may be time to re-evaluate the organisation practices you are using. Of course, it does not mean you have to spend huge amounts of money, just use some affordable tips and tricks instead.

Some simple plastic bags on the back of the chairs can help to keep mess at an absolute minimum. Tissue paper can be one of the most common messes to clean up, so a simple bag on the back of each chair can avoid this particular problem.

Of course, plastic is not the most eco-friendly solution. So, if budget permits, you can look into purchasing some reusable bags instead. On the other hand, you could also turn this into a crafting project. After all, self-made bins might ensure the children use them faster and take better care of them.

Once children get into the habit of using the bins, make sure to encourage them to empty their bins at the end of the day. After all, you do not want to be stuck emptying all the bins yourself.

What Are The Best Storage Solutions For Classrooms?

There are a bunch of storage solutions you can use in the classroom, but some are more efficient than others. Here are some of the recommended choices from the Spotlight catalogue.

Storage bins: Bins are not only good to avoid messes - they are brilliant for storage too. You can use them to store crafting supplies, building blocks, or other things you intend on using in the classroom regularly.

Trolley: A trolley can be super functional for any classroom, as it makes your storage a little more mobile. You can use your storage trolley to organise crafting supplies for a specific school crafting project, and then move it around the room to distribute supplies to each of the children.

Stackable boxes: When you have truly little storage space in your classroom, but still an astronomical number of things to store, you may want to look into stackable storage boxes. As they can be stacked vertically, you do not need a large amount of space to store everything properly. Of course, make sure you mark each box to ensure you know where to find the items you need at a moment's notice.

Box organisers: If you want to make sure the kids can take out toys or crafting supplies themselves, why not look at a box organiser. A box organiser consists of various boxes, which can be labelled with pictures or the name of the item depending on which is more convenient for the age group. It also helps children to put things away once they are done with their supplies.

Check Out The Amazing Classroom Storage Solutions At Spotlight

Spotlight has an endless collection of classroom storage solutions, ranging from trolleys and stackable boxes to box organisers. Spotlight's storage solutions are also available in various materials - this includes wood, plastic and much more. So, if you are concerned about things such as the environment, easy maintenance, or durability, you can easily find a storage solution that fits your classroom's needs. Check out the range today and grab your amazing deals on storage solutions from the Spotlight catalogue.



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