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Starting a new hobby has never been easier thanks to the variety of DIY craft kits at Spotlight. Explore our amazing range of art kits & get creative!

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Studies have indicated that engaging in arts and crafts can have amazing benefits for your emotional wellbeing and your mental health by boosting your mood. For some people arts and crafts also provide a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

If you are thinking of starting a new hobby, or encouraging someone close to you to do so, the original cost outlay on equipment and supplies can be a deterrent. But at Spotlight, where lowest prices are guaranteed, we offer very affordable craft kits for a range of different arts and crafts, perfect for getting you started without breaking the bank.

What sort of craft kits does Spotlight have?

At Spotlight taking up a new craft or hobby has never been easier or more affordable. With an extensive range of craft kits on offer, you are sure to find a starter kit for the hobby you are taking up.

If you are contemplating making your own jewellery, consider the Sculpey Bead Making Kit to make your own beads. The kit makes perfectly uniform beads every time in popular sizes and colours, a much more affordable way to build up your bead supply than buying them. For inspiring the creative talents of your kids, there are a number of jewellery making kits to choose from keeping them entertained for hours.

A sewing kit makes a great gift to yourself or for someone else. Equipped with all the bits and bobs you need to get started with all sorts of sewing projects, you will find cottons, scissors, bobbins, pin cushions, needles, pins, tape measures and more.

If you are thinking of taking up quilting, the Birch Start To Quilt Kit has all the essential tools to kick off your new hobby.

It may be time to take up an obscure new craft like clock making. If this is your craft of choice Spotlight can have your new hobby ticking along with the clock hands, backs and numbers for you to make your very own clocks!

Recent years have seen a resurgence in the craft of macramé - making. Spotlight's macrame - kit includes a number of on-trend macrame - items to make, like a gorgeous and useful tote bag and a unique wall hanging. The Tuck Box Macrame Kit is ideal for kicking off your passion for all things macramé -.

There are all sorts of fun craft projects to be undertaken at Spotlight from scrapbooking, jewellery making right through to creating something unusual like a dream catcher. Get started today with whatever takes your fancy!

Can Spotlight help with containers to store all my craft bits and pieces in?

Absolutely. Spotlight have jewellery storage boxes and trays with compartments to keep different beads and small items such as clasps safe.

Spotlight also have a range of jars, boxes, containers, files and folders to keep all your craft projects neat and tidy and safe from young children.

Do Spotlight have kits that are more art than craft?

If sketching, drawing, or painting in watercolour, oils or acrylics is more your thing, Spotlight can help with all those fun projects too. The kids will love the complete art kits perfect for expressing their creative side on paper in a range of mediums.

As studies show the mental health benefits of creative pursuits, it doesn't matter what you choose - just pick up a kit from Spotlight and get started today!



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