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Starting a new hobby has never been easier thanks to the variety of DIY craft kits at Spotlight. Explore our amazing range of art kits & get creative!

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Explore a New Hobby With Exciting Craft Kits For all Ages

Studies have indicated that engaging in arts and crafts can have amazing benefits for your emotional well-being and your mental health by boosting your mood. For some people arts and crafts also provide a sense of accomplishment and purpose. If you are thinking of starting a new hobby or encouraging someone close to you to do so, the original cost outlay on equipment and supplies can be a deterrent. But at Spotlight, where the lowest prices are guaranteed, we offer very affordable craft kits for a range of different arts and crafts, perfect for getting you started without breaking the bank.

Discover the Huge Range of Craft Kits

At Spotlight taking up a new craft or hobby has never been easier or more affordable. With an extensive range of craft kits on offer, you are sure to find a starter kit for the hobby you are taking up.

  • Jewellery Making and Beading: If you are contemplating making your own jewellery and friendship bracelets, consider a fun beading kit! For inspiring the creative talents of your kids, there are a number of friendship bracelet-making kits and beads to choose from keeping them entertained for hours.
  • Clock Making Kits: It may be time to take up an obscure new craft like clock making. If this is your craft of choice Spotlight can have your new hobby ticking along with the clock hands, backs and numbers for you to make your very own clocks!
  • Macrame Kits: Recent years have seen a resurgence in the craft of macrame - making. Spotlight's macrame - kit includes a number of on-trend macrame - items to make, like a gorgeous and useful tote bag and a unique wall hanging. The Tuck Box Macrame Kit is ideal for kicking off your passion for all things macrame.
  • Mini House Kits: Make a special mini house to proudly display with an easy to follow mini house kit from Robotime.
  • Diamond Dotz Gem Art Kits: This amazing brand creates gem art kits that are simple to use for artists of all experiences, with quality gems and canvas included in every diamond art kit.
  • Cross Stitching Kits and Embroidery Kits: Enjoy the fun of needle art with easy-to-use cross-stitching and embroidery kits that will keep you entertained for hours.
  • Kids Craft and Activity Kits: As well as providing endless hours of fun, arts and crafts play an important role in the development of young minds and bodies. Find great kids' activity books, slime kits, painting kits and more which are great for birthday parties and school holidays.

There are all sorts of fun craft projects to be undertaken at Spotlight from scrapbooking, jewellery making right through to creating something unusual like a dream catcher. Get started today with whatever takes your fancy!

Craft Kits FAQs

What are some craft kits suitable for beginners?

If you are a beginner, some great craft kits include paint-by-numbers, embroidery kits and beading kits are easy to follow and fun to do. For beginners, craft kits are a fantastic way to get introduced to new hobbies and practise your creativity.

Are craft kits good gifts?

Yes! Craft kits make an amazing gift for kids and adults, especially when the receiver already has everything and you can't think of a good gift! Craft kits allow the user to try something new and enjoy the satisfaction of being creative and learning a new skill.

How much do craft kits cost?

Craft kits can range in price and are great value, including everything you need to get started with your craft. Craft kits can start from as low as $5, with most kits under $20 and advanced kits can be more. Craft kits are convenient and easy to use with all the materials you need included at a low price.

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Craft kits are a fantastic way to get introduced to different activities and techniques. At Spotlight, we are proud to stock a huge range of art and craft kits that will keep you entertained and help you try something new. Explore the entire craft and hobbies range at Spotlight and enjoy exclusive offers with the VIP club! Shop online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery, or visit your nearest store to browse the range in person. Spotlight is here to help you Create, Decorate and Celebrate everyday!



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