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Shop kids chalk and crayons for colouring fun at home. Create sidewalk artwork and introduce little ones to art with the range of chalk and crayons at Spotlight.

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Create A More Colourful World With Chalk And Crayons From Spotlight

Kids will love getting their hands on Spotlight's amazing range of colouring chalk and crayons! From leading brands such as Crayola and Semco Kids, our colouring chalk and crayon colours are super easy to use and are the perfect first medium for little artists and crafters.

Where can you use chalk and crayons?

Chalk sticks and crayons can be used on certain surfaces you might not expect, including:

  • Paper: Crayons are perfect for use on butcher or poster paper, as well as canvas.
  • Windows: Special crayons suitable for glass can be used to decorate windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces.
  • Wood: Crayons can be used on smooth, light-coloured wood, while chalk can be used on smooth, dark-coloured wood to great effect.
  • Pavement: Bedazzle your home's footpath or driveway with chalk!

Chalk and crayon FAQs

What is a crayon made of?

Crayons are made from wax (like beeswax or paraffin wax) and a colour pigment that can be either natural or synthetic in origin. Crayon colours are bright and bold!

What is chalk made of?

Raw chalk is a type of soft and porous rock made from calcite. The type of chalk we use in art is made from gypsum, also known as calcium sulphate. Chalk colours are usually pastel.

How to remove crayons from walls

Crayons will melt under heat, so one of the best ways to remove crayons from walls is to take an old t-shirt or cotton rag and fold it a few times. Place the folded material over the crayon and the iron over it to help transfer the crayon from the wall to the shirt. If you need to iron more than once, make sure to always flip and twist the shirt so a clean layer is going down.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

Children will love the kids' art and craft range at Spotlight, which includes:

  • Kids' play dough: Play dough is so much fun to squish, roll and mould, and you can find a great range of coloured kids' play dough right here!
  • Slime: Kids will love the ooey, gooey nature of our colourful slime range. Some have special effects like glitter and glow-in-the-dark too!
  • Kids' games and puzzles: Keep your child entertained for hours on end with our range of kids' games and puzzles, including old favourites and new games based on popular TV shows and movies.

You can also find more comprehensive kids' craft sets in our kids' activity kits and kids' colouring and craft books.

Find the right chalk and crayons at Spotlight

Artists of all ages will adore the range of chalk crayons at Spotlight! Choose your chalk sticks and crayons online, safely pay and we'll deliver your colouring chalk and crayons straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop for chalk crayons in person.

For more information on what you can use for drawing at Spotlight read through our drawing supplies buying guide. And for an unusual way to create art with crayons, check out our shadow box crayon letter project!



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