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Shop Essential Sewing Machine Needles at Spotlight

You can't sew without a sewing machine needle! Get quality sewing machine needles from leading brands including Singer, Birch and Schmetz to suit your sewing machine. Find a range of needles in different sizes and styles including twin needles that will suit a variety of sewing machines and overlockers.

What Are Sewing Machine Needles Used For?

Sewing machine needles are specially designed to be used in a sewing machine, and are different to the needles used for hand sewing. Needles for sewing machines can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and what needle is best for your project will depend on the fabric you are working with. Thicker fabrics will need larger needles, while more delicate fabrics are best paired with a smaller needle. If you're wondering how to identify sewing machine needles, the size of the sewing machine needle can be found on the packaging, and refers to the diameter of the needle above the eye - a larger number denotes a large needle.

What Kinds Of Sewing Machine Needles Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find all the most popular kinds of needles for sewing machines here at Spotlight - here are some of the varieties we offer:

  • Overlocker needle - if you have an overlocker, make sure to use it with the correct overlocker needles so your stitches come out properly.
  • Quilting needle - these slim, strong needles are designed to stitch through multiple layers and across seams.
  • Leather needle - these needles have a tip shaped like a spear that helps punch through the thick and strong surface of your leather.
  • Silk needle - needles for silk will be thin and have a very pointed tip to cleanly pass through the silk without creating an obvious hole or damaging the material.
  • Universal needle - universal sewing machine needles are great to have on hand and are very versatile, perfect for use with knit and woven fabrics.
  • Twin needle - create two rows of stitches simultaneously with a versatile twin needle. Great for decorative sewing.

Your sewing machine needles can dull over time and so they will need to be replaced, otherwise they may damage your material and they won't be able to grab the thread from your machine properly.

What Other Sewing Supplies Can I Find At Spotlight?

  • Sewing machines and overlockers - whether you're a beginner or an expert seamstress, you can find your next sewing machine or overlocker at Spotlight.
  • Sewing machine globes - ensure you can always see clearly with any of our sewing machine globes. They're super easy to replace, with either screw-in or push-in varieties available.
  • Sewing machine and accessory storage - keep your sewing machine and all its parts safe and sound with our sewing machine bags and storage. They're really handy if you want to travel with your machine.

Find The Right Sewing Machine Needles At Spotlight

Wondering where to buy sewing machine needles? Spotlight is the answer! Discover our great range of sewing machine needles online - make your purchase and enjoy convenient home delivery for your order, or visit your local Spotlight store and check out the range in person! Ready to sew but need some project ideas? Have a look at our beautiful blanket and throw projects, or read this article detailing five easy projects to try. For more information on sewing machine needles, read our buying guide on how to choose the right sewing needles.



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