5 Luxe Autumn Bedding Styling Ideas & Tips

5 Luxe Autumn Bedding Styling Ideas & Tips

Autumn is the season for falling leaves, when we start getting our cosier clothing out of our wardrobes and enjoying sweet, hot drinks as we take in the last vestiges of sunny weather before winter. As the temperature drops, staying warm and comfortable at home becomes more and more important - especially when you're trying to fall asleep.

At Spotlight, our fabulous range of bedding has something for everyone - whether you want to freshen up your bed with a new stylish throw or need a complete bedding refresh. Autumn is a great time for a complete bedroom makeover, and creating a tranquil, cosy and beautiful bedroom as the seasons change doesn't have to break the bank. Let us inspire you here with these gorgeous Autumn bedroom ideas!

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Why A Cosy Autumn Bedroom Will Help You Sleep Better

There's something about Autumn that makes it the cosiest season of the year. Warm colours that aren't too bright, filling and tasty food that isn't too rich, and crunchy leaves underfoot in your backyard that help make your daily walk a little bit more magical.

Bringing the essence of Autumn into your bedroom can transform it into a warm and inviting haven you'll look forward to snuggling into every night (and maybe even during the day!). Warm colours, fluffy textures and homey decor will all make it easy to relax and warm up in your space, helping you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night. Bringing your Autumn bedroom ideas to life isn't only good for decor - it's good for your sleep health too!

Features To Look For In Your Autumn Bedding

If you are looking for inspiration, start by selecting a style or colour palette first. If you need some ideas, browse through our Home Decor collections which are filled with amazing products that will make enhancing your interior and redecorating a breeze!

Then select your large decor pieces, such as artwork, a bed frame, bedside tables and armchairs. From there you can draw your colour palette from those pieces and use them in small accessories such as a throw or cushions. Don't be afraid to mix it up with heights, tones and textures!

Autumn bedding colours

The colours of Autumn are all very complementary, and when used in the bedroom will create the feeling of a soft and warm retreat you can hibernate in for as long as you need.

All of our favourite Autumn bedding ideas will use classic Autumn colours. Warm reds, oranges, yellows and browns will make up the bulk of your Autumn hues, but pops of cream, olive and sage green can add some freshness too.

Look outside your window for some local Autumn inspiration! Native plants are a great source for colour ideas, and you may like to collect some leaves or dried flowers to use as decor too. Books, movies and artwork can also inspire some of the best Autumn bedroom ideas.

Autumn bedding textures

Increase the autumn vibes in your space by adding some different textures. Set a cosy mood by lighting your favourite scented candle, or add a chunky knit blanket, cushions or throws with deeper and richer tones for some comforting warmth. Try incorporating some depth and height too, by using fresh foliage on the bedside tables in your favourite vase, or by drying plants and flowers upside down to preserve them.

Woven baskets not only look wonderful but can be used for storage too! Keep excess blankets, bed cushions and even accessories like shoes and bags contained in these natural baskets to keep your space tidy while still on theme.

Autumn bedroom decor

Fabrics are one of the easiest ways to add warmth to a space. For example, adding sheer curtains over your doors or windows to soften the look works wonders. Adding soft, textured rugs and positioning them under the foot of the bed can also help to soften hard edges on flooring and bed frames.

Nothing is cosier than a huge pile of fluffy pillows and bed cushions. Mix and match and never be afraid to add too many - the more the merrier when it comes to creating a super-comfy look! A delicate mix of rich textiles subtly adds depth and interest to a neutral space.

Tufted stripe quilt cover set with matching european pillows

Cosy Autumn Bedding And Bed Linen

Aside from window coverings, bedding is the best thing to spend your money on so you can stay comfortable during the colder months. Choose soft, high-quality fabrics and bed linen - you are sleeping on them all night long after all.

The style of your bed and bedhead will dictate the aesthetic and tone of the rest of your Autumn bedroom decor, so keep this in mind when selecting these key furniture items.

Mattress topper or underlay

Give your mattress a bit of an upgrade using a mattress topper or underlay. These can be used to breathe new life into an older mattress and can make your bed feel softer or firmer depending on the type you get.

If it's a more comfortable sleep you want, look for mattress toppers will wool or down fillings, which are known for their ability to bring softness and warmth to any mattress.


The material your bed sheets are made from will determine if they cool you down or warm you up overnight. As the temperature tends to drop in Autumn you'll want sheets that can keep you warm, although not the same degree that you'll need in winter. Rather than going straight to your warmest and fluffiest flannelette sheets, look for soft cotton fitted and flat sheets in colours like red, pink, burnt orange, olive, cream or seafoam.

Shop for bedsheets individually or spring for a luxurious bedsheet set that will ensure all your sheets, plus your pillowcases, are matching colours.

Duvet or quilt

Your sheets may keep you comfortable, but the main way you'll keep warm in bed during Autumn is with the use of a quilt, duvet or comforter. The topside blankets can be thin and light or thick and fluffy, and it's best to choose one depending on if you are a hot or cold sleeper - naturally warm sleepers will appreciate the light weight of a comforter, while cold sleepers will want to snuggle under a thick and dense quilt.

Look for quilt and duvet covers that will match your Autumn theme. Block colours are a solid choice here, although you can also look for lightly textured and even boldly patterned covers that feature flowers, leaves or grasses.


The place where you rest your head should suit your style of sleeping - do you sleep on your side, back or stomach? The right pillow will ensure you wake up without any neck pain and make sure you're feeling fresh to start the day.

Keep warm in autumn with a wool, feather or memory foam pillow, and make sure to dress it up in a pillowcase that suits your Autumn theme. Your pillow is one of the most important Autumn bedding ideas, as it will tie your whole bed together - add extra bed pillows and European pillows if you'd like a little extra decor and texture on your mattress.

KOO Micah Quilt Cover Set with coordinating tufted european pillows

Find Everything You Need For A Cosy Autumn Bedroom At Spotlight

Enjoy Autumn to the fullest with a bedroom makeover! You can find all the Autumn bedding you need at Spotlight - shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. Or you can visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop for Autumn bedding and Autumn bedroom decor in person!

For more information on all the bedding you can find at Spotlight, read through our buying guides on bed linen, quilts and pillows. And if it's more home decorating inspiration you're after, check out our blogs on layering your bed, 5 ways to style vases in the home and how to choose and style a coffee table.




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