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Clock making is a unique craft, but a really fun one too. If you're looking for something new to try, shop clock making parts & supplies at Spotlight.

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Top Tips For Beginning Clock Makers

Are you making your own clocks for the first time, but could you use some tips and hints to get the most from your project? Be sure to check out Spotlight's top tips on clock making for beginners.

What To Use As A Clock Base?

Interestingly, you could use anything as a clock base, this means you do not necessarily have to buy a clock base. Since you can use all kinds of shapes and materials, you can easily recycle some items you are no longer using. From old tire rims to an old bucket, you can use absolutely everything as a clock base.

Most people wrongly believe that making a clock requires a lot of expensive materials, but this is not the case. Beginners can easily recycle old items and save big money on their first clock making project.

What Are The Different Clocks I Can Make?

Clocks have been around for a long time, so there are a number of options you could tackle. While the typical analogue and digital clocks are obvious, there is a third option you may not have considered yet.

Analogue: When you want to create a clock that can stand the test of time, you are undoubtedly looking for an analogue clock.

There are many benefits to making an analogue clock, as you can design it in so many different ways. In turn, this allows you to create some unique pieces that will look wonderful in your home.

Of course, creating an analogue clock can be more difficult than the digital option, as it contains a separate mechanism that must be created. However, you will find many guides and online tutorials that will help you create your clock mechanism.

Digital: If you do not want to mess around with winding your clock or a separate mechanism for that matter, you could make a digital clock instead. While there are still many designs you can do with a digital clock, they are still most suitable for modern and contemporary interiors.

Sundial: One of the most original options you can make is the sundial. Obviously, the sundial will not be placed in your home, unless you are looking for a decorative piece. On the other hand, you can also place it in your garden as an actual timekeeper. While it does not provide details to the minute, it does show you the hours while you are pottering away in the garden.

Which Analogue Mechanism Is Easiest To Make For Beginners?

When you make analogue clocks, you have the choice of various mechanisms that will operate your clock. Of course, certain mechanisms are more difficult than others, so beginners must start with something simple.

To implement a basic mechanism in your analogue clock, you only need five tools to start. These tools include the basic clock core mechanism, a small hand drill, files, scissors, and some glue. Then all you need to do is drill the hole in the centre of the clock and then mount the mechanism on the back of the clock. In other words, it is the simplest way to create a clock from scratch.

Clock Making Supplies Available At Spotlight

Spotlight provides you with absolutely everything you need to make your chosen clock. The range includes clock bases, clock hands and numerals in a variety of designs and styles. So, no matter the interior of your home, you can easily find styles that match that interior.

At Spotlight, you can also find various tools to implement the clock components. Head over to the main range of crafting supplies to find other supplies to give your clock that ultimate finish.



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