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Discover a great range of puzzles, games and educational toys at Spotlight. Aimed at kids, our selection of games and puzzles are the ideal choice for hours of family fun - with no screen time involved! Spotlight's selection of games and puzzles includes classic card games, 500 piece jigsaws, 3D puzzles, memory games, dice games, bingo, board games and more. Whether you're looking for an engaging alternative to computer games, school holiday activities or a fun birthday gift you're sure to find it in Spotlight's range. Explore games and puzzles online today and engage your little ones in hours of cost-effective fun and learning.

Games & Puzzles FAQs

What are STEM or STEAM toys?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. A common variation is STEAM, which integrates Art & Architecture into a play based learning model. STEM toys are specially designed to engage kids with these key disciples while making learning fun! You can find STEM and STEAM toys, games and puzzles to suit a range of learning levels at Spotlight. Be sure to check out our range of activity kits as well, which include kid-friendly chemistry kits and craft kits from leading educational brands like National Geographic.

How to choose age appropriate puzzles & games for kids

Size is everything when it comes down to puzzles and games for preschoolers. Try to avoid small parts as much as possible, but do not oversimplify things either. After all, a little complexity is bound to keep kids entertained and stops boredom from setting in.

Once your kids hit primary school, a whole new world will open in terms of games and puzzles. This can be quite exciting for the parents too, as you will be able to include more games and puzzles that are suitable for the entire family to enjoy. At Spotlight, you can find numerous games and puzzles that are suitable for children in primary school. You can also find kids activity kits which are great fun but educational to boot! Nobody said learning something new has to be boring.

What are the best quiet games?

This might be the favourite question of many parents, as they often wonder how to keep their kids entertained but quiet at the same time. While this is not always possible, there are some toys you could obtain to keep things a little quieter inside the house when you need it most. Believe it or not, something as simple as wooden blocks and puzzles are the recommended choices for quiet activities. The key is to choose games that your kid will be interested in, ensuring they stay quietly engaged and focused on something they truly enjoy.


Kids of all ages learn through playing, crafting and being creative. Explore the range of puzzles, games and kids' art & craft supplies for endless engagement and hands-on fun. At Spotlight you can discover kids' craft & activity kits, kids' colouring books & craft books, chalk & crayons, slime and kids' play dough. Shop the complete selection online to enjoy the convenience of home delivery - or head into your local Spotlight store where you and your little ones can explore all things art, craft and creative. Inspire your kids with our great range of FREE kids' craft projects online, where you can find fun and easy ideas to get their imaginations going. Remember that Spotlight VIPs enjoy great benefits like membership discounts and advance sales notifications, so make sure you join for free today.



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