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Get the Skinny on the Various Types of Buttons and Fasteners!

When we think of a button, we all have a specific idea of how a button should look. However, there are different types of buttons and fasteners available, which leaves crafters with loads of choices for their crafting projects.

Today, Spotlight provides you with a full guide on the common types of buttons and fasteners. With this guide, you can find the buttons and fasteners that are most suitable for your project.

What Are Flat Buttons?

One of the most common buttons used by crafters is the flat button. As the name suggests, flat buttons will have a rather flat appearance and often contain two to three holes in the centre of the button.

Flat buttons are popular for hand sewing, since it is easy to put the thread through the button holes. However, to ensure a sturdy fastening of your buttons, a quality cotton thread is recommended.

Crafters can get flat buttons in various materials. The most affordable material is plastic, but they are also available in materials such as wood, metal, glass, ceramics, and resin.

What Are Shank Buttons?

Shank buttons are a special type of button with a so-called stem - this stem is called the shank. The shank is used to attach the button to a garment or other crafting project.

Crafters should always be careful when they use shank buttons - this because of their larger size and the shank mechanism. Since the shank button is made for hand-knitted projects specifically, they could look a little odd on more delicate fabric. Therefore, their use is usually limited to more bulky and rough fabrics.

What Are Stud Buttons?

Stud buttons are quite like shank buttons, but with one major difference. Instead of the shank, the stud button has a special pin, which must be put through the fabric to attach the button in its place.

Considering the rough mechanism of the stud button, hand-sewing is not recommended for this type of button. However, there are still many applications for stud buttons, mainly for jeans.

What Are Toggle Buttons?

A toggle button can easily be recognised by its unique look. The button is characterised by a long and skinny appearance, but also by a somewhat rounded finish.

Toggle buttons can be used for a variety of garments and sewing projects. Their slimline design makes it easier to fit through smaller holes, so if your normal round or square buttons are simply too bulky, the toggle button might provide you with the perfect solution.

Most toggle buttons are made of wood, but other materials are possible too. The centre of the button contains two holes too, which makes attachment through hand-sewing possible.

What Are Popper Buttons?

Popper buttons are usually made from plastic or metal. Popper buttons snap together perfectly, often providing a secure fastening for most garments and crafting projects. Popper buttons also remain hidden thanks to their design, which makes them suitable for projects where hidden buttons are a necessity - this could apply to duvet covers.

Crafters can use popper buttons on various materials. It is suitable for thinner fabrics, but also for knitted materials. Still, there is a downside to these buttons, since they can snap open when a considerable amount of force is put on them.

What Are Hook and Eye Fasteners?

Anyone who does not like to use buttons in garments or crafting projects could use an alternative such as the hook and eye fastener. The hook and eye fastener is characterised by a loop and a catch, providing one of the most secure fastenings for garments and crafting projects.

There are countless applications for hook and eye fasteners, but one of the most common ones is the bra. Bras usually have hook and eye fasteners to provide maximum strength and support, so we certainly recommend using this type of fastening for bra-making projects.

What Is the Zip Fastening?

Aside from normal buttons, zip fastenings are probably the most common for all types of garments. You will find zippers on trousers, jeans, and even hoodies. However, the use of this type of fastening is limited to fabrics with a tight weave, since a strong fabric is required.

What Buttons and Fasteners Can I Obtain from Spotlight?

Spotlight has countless buttons and fasteners available for crafters - this includes the options mentioned above, as well as some other options for all your garments and crafting projects. To see all the options available to you, please head over to our buttons and fasteners catalogue.

Do you have a question about one of our fasteners or buttons? Or could you use a recommendation regarding the buttons and fasteners that you should use for your garments and crafting projects? Do not hesitate tocontact the Spotlight team.



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