Celebrate Your Favourite Animals With Book Week Animal Costumes

Celebrate Your Favourite Animals With Book Week Animal Costumes

So many of the best children's stories feature animals of all kinds, so why not celebrate them during Book Week? At Spotlight we have an amazing range of animal-themed kids costumes, decorations and craft activities you can utilise during Book Week, with great variations for both students and teachers. There are many animal-inspired books that kids love, from Australian animal stories to mythical creatures. If you're looking for Book Week costume ideas and Book Week activities everyone can enjoy, read on and let's dive into Book Week!

Ready Made Book Week Animal Costumes

Book Week includes many fun occasions to dress up! Teachers can dress up during class time and students can show off their costumes during the famous Book Week parade, and if it's animal costumes you're after, we've got plenty of ready-made Book Week animal costumes for you to choose from!

Get Inspired With Magical Creatures

Bring your favourite fantasy stories to life with any of our magical creature costumes. Become an enchanting unicorn, a noble dragon or a fearsome werewolf with our range of masks, tails wings and headbands. Shop great costume wings, tails and wands to instantly transform into a magical animal for Book Week. Perfect for last-minute Book Week costumes, a costume wing or tail is quick and easy!

Add Some ROAR with Big Cats

Lions, tigers and leopards, oh my! Become a big cat with our range of ear and tail accessories or a full-body costume, and don't forget some Tiger Face Paint or Cat Face Paint to complete the look. Shop great headbands and headpieces to compliment the face paint! This easy tiger face paint tutorial will have your little one roaring in no time!

Bugs and Butterflies in All Shapes and Sizes

Bugs - the stars of many colourful children's stories, bug costumes are always a fun and colourful choice for Book Week! Become a hardworking bee, adorable ladybug or stunning butterfly with our wing, tutu and headband costume accessories. This Butterfly Costume Kit is perfect as a last-minute costume for Book Week.

Transform Into Your Favourite Dinosaurs

Our dinosaur costumes mean you can become your favourite dino in no time at all! Our dinosaur costumes include inflatable ride-on costumes, where you appear to be riding on the back of the dinosaur, full-body inflatable and fabric costumes that turn you into a dinosaur yourself, and mask/body suit combos perfect for a dino costume that you can run around in.

Classic Australian Animals Everyone Loves

Celebrate the best of Australian literature by dressing up as an Australian animal. This classic Koala Ears Headband will quickly transform your little one into a cute koala, just add some grey pants and a t-shirt. Or have a look at this Cockatoo face paint project to turn into this famous Australian bird. Another favourite is becoming the much-loved clownfish Nemo with this Finding Nemo dress costume.

We have so many more animal costumes for you to discover, including Aussie favourites like koalas and penguins, exciting animals like hippos and monkeys, and so much more! Find even more Book Week costume ideas in our costumes and accessories category online.

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Animal-Themed Book Week DIY Costumes, Activities And Projects

Animal-Themed Book Week DIY Costumes Projects

Another fun part of Book Week is the chance to do some hands-on crafting to bring your favourite books to life. As the place to go for everything crafty, you can rely on Spotlight for heaps of amazing animal-themed crafting projects and craft supplies for all your Book Week activities.

Some great animal craft projects you can make for Book Week include:

Pug Costume Project

Create this fun and cute pug costume for any little reader! This adorable pug costume is perfect for prancing around at the Book Week parade.

Faux Fur Fox Costume Project:

Become a fast and fantastic fox with this awesome fox costume made from faux fur materials.

Sparkly Fish Costume Project

This sparkly fish costume is a great no-sew option and can turn your little reader into a glimmering fish in no time!

Dingo Mask Project

Bring Australia's native dog to life with this fun dingo mask project. This intermediate-level crochet project will help you create a cute and comfy mask that is ideal for wearing during Book Week, as well as for other dress-up events.

Dingo Mask Project

Crochet Parrot And Wings Project

Australia is known for its colourful birds, so why not become a gorgeous parrot for Book Week? This Book Week activity project will guide you through creating a beaked mask and impressive wings that are almost one metre across!

Crochet Parrot And Wings Project

Animal Masks Project

These stunning animal masquerade masks are perfect for Book Week, as well as fancy dress parties like a masquerade ball! This project will help you create a unicorn, lion and dragon mask, but feel free to use these masks as inspiration to create your own unique masks as well.

Animals Masks Projects

Make sure to browse our craft projects and kids' craft projects for even more fun Book Week activities to complete!

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Celebrate Book Week With Animal Costumes From Spotlight

Ready to dive into Book Week? Check out our Book Week hub online for more craft and costume ideas for teachers and students, or visit your nearest Spotlight store to grab your Book Week animal costumes and craft supplies in person. Shop the whole range of ready-made kids' costumes today or get crafty and make a unique DIY animal costume. Book Week is the perfect opportunity to transform into iconic animals from much loved books and fairytales and Spotlight is here to help make this magic come to life.

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