3 Halloween Wreath Projects To Try This October

3 Halloween Wreath Projects To Try This October

If love Halloween crafts, learning how to make a Halloween wreath is going to be your next obsession! Wreaths are usually reserved for Christmas, but keen Halloween DIYers have taken this tradition and made it a little spooky, and now there are many wonderful Halloween wreath projects you can make at home.

Spotlight is your home of Halloween for all things art, craft and costume, and we've created three Halloween wreath projects that are easy to make even for beginner crafters. No matter if you like your Halloween spooky, magical or cute and colourful, then read on and let's create some amazing Halloween wreaths!

Why You Should Make DIY Halloween Decorations

It's easy to buy your own Halloween decorations - with the huge range available at Spotlight, you're sure to find heaps of Halloween decorations to suit your tastes. But diving into the world of Halloween DIY is worthwhile, and for so many reasons! Making your own DIY Halloween decorations:

  • Means your house is adorned with unique decorations. The best way to make your house stand out on Halloween night is to have one-of-a-kind decorations, and putting your own spin on Halloween craft projects is an easy way to do this.
  • Helps you practice your crafting skills. Making a wreath requires a combination of many craft skills - wrapping, gluing, pinning, cutting, painting, jewellery making and floristry! All of these skills can be used for many other kinds of crafting, leading you to become a more competent crafter that can make other kinds of decorations like buntings, garlands, paper decor and more.
  • Increases incentives to reuse decorations. Rather than buying cheap Halloween decorations and chucking them out afterwards, making your own DIY Halloween decorations will help incentivise you to keep them around and reuse them next year After all, you don't want to see all your hard effort go to waste after one use!
  • Can be a fun activity to complete with family or friends. Crafting together is more fun than crafting alone! Crafting with the kids, with your partner or with your friends is a great way to enjoy spending time with your loved ones, plus having multiple people working on one project probably means you'll have some unique results on the end product.
Glowing Skeleton Halloween Wreath DIY Craft Project

Make a spooky BOO wreath

This wreath project will test your painting skills, as well as how you can handle a hot glue gun! With its smooth, black surface, spider-filled webbing and electric purple BOO lettering, this eye-catching Halloween wreath is perfect if you're setting up a traditionally-spooky house. You can customise this wreath by changing the word (try EEK, SCREAM or even a longer world like WELCOME), adding painted details to the wreath, like uneven spots or bloody stripes, or adding other types of creepy crawlies, like faux millipedes, flies or roaches.

Make a glowing skeleton wreath

This wreath seems simple at first, but come night time the skeletal pattern will glow in the dark, beckoning potential trick-or-treaters to your home on Halloween evening! Featuring a vibrant purple material with glowing skeletons and an eye-catching orange ribbon to top it off, this wreath takes advantage of complementing colours (colours on opposite ends of the colour wheel) to make an attractive decoration perfect to hang on any front door. Change it up by using any Halloween fabric or twine to add extra hanging details like small bats, spiders or skulls.

Make a witchy mystical wreath

If you love the magical, enchanting aspect of Halloween, then this mystical wreath is the Halloween DIY activity for you. Featuring beautiful flowers, crystals, leaves, twine and chains, this wreath isn't traditionally one for Halloween. But if you love a witchy vibe, it's the perfect Halloween wreath for you! If this mystical wreath isn't quite spooky enough, add flowers of a more scary colour (purple, red or even black), drape some cobwebs around the bottom or add a few fake bugs to the flowers and twine.

Witchy Mystical Halloween Wreath DIY Craft Project

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