Everything You Need For An Easter Egg Hunt

Everything You Need For An Easter Egg Hunt

One of the best ways to get kids outside and having fun during Easter is an Easter egg hunt! Easter egg hunts involve the hiding and then finding of Easter eggs in an area - usually your backyard or around the local park. But there's more to it than just scattering a few eggs on the grass, and at Spotlight we've got everything you need to throw a memorable Easter egg hunt everyone can enjoy.

Read on to discover heaps of fun Easter egg hunt ideas, including hiding places and decorating ideas, for both outside and inside your home!

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Easter Eggs

The prized object of the hunt are the Easter eggs! Easter eggs can be chocolate eggs wrapped in foil, plastic fillable eggs brimming with sweets or toys, or traditional hard-boiled eggs painted with fantastic designs. Your Easter eggs need to be colourful or shiny so they stand out from their surroundings, and you'll need to make sure that the difficulty to which they are to find matches the age groups that are participating in the hunt.

Make sure your hiding spots are safe for the type of egg you are using too! Avoid hiding chocolate or hard-boiled Easter eggs in very hot or sunny spots where they can be damaged - hide plastic fillable eggs there instead.

Easter Egg Baskets

Make sure everyone has a safe spot to store their Easter eggs by providing Easter egg baskets - or having a craft session before the Easter egg hunt to make them! Easter egg baskets can be found in many colours and styles, from plain metal buckets to cheery felt baskets featuring rabbits and chicks. Make sure to pop some craft wool or grass at the bottom of your basket to protect your eggs!

If you're making your own baskets, make sure your basket stands out from the crowd with accessories like felt sheets, stickers, glitter, craft wool and some craft flowers, all kept in place by the perfect craft glue.

Egg Signposts

One of the best Easter egg hunt ideas to help guide the Easter egg hunt along is to use some helpful signposts to point the way. Easter egg hunt signposts can be stuck directly into the ground to help direct hunters to an Easter egg's hiding spot, or can even be placed directly over the egg to help highlight a particularly well-hidden treat.

Signposts can also be used to mark boundaries of the egg hunt area, or act as a start and finish line if the egg hunt is also a race. You can even make your own Easter egg hunt signposts using materials like a dowel rod and craft paper, or go for a professional look using a Cricut machine!

Easter Bunny Footprints

Another fun way to indicate where your Easter eggs are hidden is to create some Easter bunny footprints. Whether it's as simple as a single footprint or as detailed as a full track up to the egg itself, Easter bunny footprints help bring the Easter magic to life for kids, and there are a few ways you can make them!

Paper and card cutouts provide a clear and easy way to set up and show your Easter bunny footprints. Bright colours, like pink and white, will contrast well against grass and stone, and it's easy to make multiple copies of one foot design if you're making your own bunny footprints.

You can also create a bunny footprint stencil and use a substance like talcum powder or flour to create more subtle footprints across your space. These prints are less likely to be blown off course by the wind, but be careful when pouring powder through your stencil that you don't pour too much and create a fuzzy, indistinct footprint. Perhaps it's fur from the Easter bunny being left behind?

DIY pastel coloured decorated Easter egg hunting buckets

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Sometimes the weather can force the Easter egg hunt indoors, but don't worry - there are still plenty of ways to make an Easter egg hunt inside super fun! Here are some of our best indoor Easter egg hunt ideas:

Create Easter egg hunt clues

Rather than having teams of kids tearing through your house to find hidden eggs, why not try creating some interesting Easter egg hunt clues to guide them to the right spots? Leading kids to spots like the sink, the fridge, an armchair or even the microwave is easy with a clever rhyming clue!

You can have kids working in teams and give them one clue at a time, or give out clues as kids solve them - you may need a lot of Easter egg hunt clues if this is the case. Write the clues out on colourful pastel cards so you won't need to memorise and repeat the clues yourself every time someone asks for one.

Use signs on the walls and ceiling

While outdoor signs can be stuck in the ground to help kids find their way to Easter eggs, indoors it's best to make use of the walls and ceiling instead. You can create simple signs using your home printer or go all out with cardmaking supplies or a cutting machine, then use craft tape or another temporary adhesive to stick signs to your walls. Hanging signs can be bedazzled with some extra decor, and are a great way to highlight an egg nest directly beneath them.

Make it harder using a list

Want to add a bit of a challenge to your Easter egg hunt? Make a few Easter scavenger hunt lists to encourage kids to search out certain types of eggs and Easter decorations!

Easter scavenger hunt ideas include finding eggs of certain colours and sizes, finding chocolate Easter bunnies, finding plastic fillable eggs, finding eggs with certain patterns, finding Easter-themed lollies and finding toy chicks, rabbits, carrots and other Easter symbols. Create a checklist for each child to tick off as they find their treasures!

Use household objects to hide your eggs

Here are some of our favourite places for hiding Easter eggs around the house:

  • Egg cups: One of the easiest places to hide Easter eggs is in your egg cups! It's a great way to keep eggs in place, and you can place the cups in unusual places if you want to hide them more effectively, like windowsills, behind appliances or amongst the accessories on your dining table.
  • Candle holders: Whether it's an elegant glass jar or a tall, vintage candlestick, candle holders are often the perfect size to house an Easter egg. Group taller egg holders together for an elegant look, or place your glass candle holders on tables, kitchen benches and cabinets for a more scattered but modern style.
  • Coat pockets: The large coats you leave hanging behind doors or over the backs of chairs make great hiding spots for smaller eggs! Pop them in the coat pockets, inside a secret inner pocket or even in the hood of the jacket if it has one.
  • Shoes: Any shoes that are left out in the open, like in a rack or beside the back door, are prime spots for hiding small eggs. Make sure any shoes considered are clean and dry on the inside, and make doubly sure that the owners of the shoes know not to put them on in the middle of the hunt!
  • Craft baskets and storage: Safely nestle your eggs into your craft basket! Whether it's full of yarn balls, wool roving or embroidery thread, the bright colours of Easter eggs blend in well with the gorgeous colours of many a crafter's supply basket.
  • Egg carton: If the fridge is included in your Easter egg hunt, then hide a few among your real eggs for an eggcellent surprise when kids open the carton!
  • Drink mugs: A good-sized mug can hide a lot of small eggs or even a larger one, but make sure you're only hiding eggs in ones you're not too invested in, in case they are pulled out of the cupboard a little too vigorously by excited Easter egg hunters!
  • Fruit bowl: You can get clever with your egg hiding by disguising a few fruit-coloured eggs amongst your fruit bowl. Red, orange, yellow and green eggs will camouflage in a bowl of apples, oranges and bananas, especially if you can find eggs without a shiny foil wrapper.
  • Dishwasher rack: If your dishwasher is clean and dry, consider popping a few eggs into the dishwasher rack where your cutlery would normally go. Extra large eggs and giant eggs can also fit in the bigger racks reserved for plates and bowls.

DIY Easter egg baskets, chocolate eggs, decor and bunny footprints

Celebrate Easter With Spotlight

Ready to throw the ultimate Easter egg hunt? You can get all the supplies you need to bring your Easter hunt ideas to life right here at Spotlight! Shop online, pay your way and we'll deliver your Easter supplies straight to your front door. Alternatively, pop into your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the best easter egg hunt supplies for your needs.

If you want to do some DIY crafts this Easter, make sure to read our blog on Easter craft ideas for heaps of papercraft, baking, decorating and gift ideas you can make. Or check out our Easter projects for step-by-step instructions on how to make heaps of cute Easter decorations, costume accessories and tasty treats!




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