Serving Utensils

Complete your tableware with Spotlight's stylish & practical serving utensils & serveware sets. Browse online for your next buffet, BBQ or gathering!

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Can I buy Serving Utensils from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have just about everything that you need for cooking, dining, and entertaining, including this fabulous selection of serving utensils. Serve up your culinary creations in style and always have the right tool for the job. Whatever you are looking to eat, we are sure to have the perfect utensils to complete the set. Whether you are searching for serving utensils, bowls, platters, or trays, make Spotlight your one stop shop for all your serving needs.

How do I buy Serving Utensils from Spotlight?

Shop our selection of serving utensils online through our safe and secure website, and we will deliver right to your door. All major payment methods are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. Alternatively, visit your local Spotlight store today, where one of our team of friendly assistants will be on hand to help with any questions or queries that you may have.

What is included in this range?

This range includes everything that you could possibly need to serve your delicious culinary creations. If you love to cook, bake or grill, then you are sure to find the perfect utensil for your cooking needs. Whether you are looking for salad hands for that crisp summer salad or a soup ladle to fill your bowl up with steaming soup in the winter, then check out this fabulous selection. Find the right serving utensil for your dish, whether you are looking to replace an old favourite or your entire utensils collection. With ladles, spoons, spatulas, forks and much, much more, shop Spotlight today for a great selection of serving utensils for every meal!

Which serving utensils do I need?

Well, that is a matter of personal preference really, and it depends on what you are planning to serve up. There are so many utensils in this huge collection, with all the items that you need to whip up a great meal to remember. One of the things to consider when choosing your new serving utensils is the number of people that you are planning on serving as well as the likely portion size of what you are serving. Whether you prefer a Caesar or a Waldorf for a great salad that is served in style, then salad spoons or hands are the way to go. Spaghetti is easily served up with a specially designed spaghetti spoon, and the whole family will love sitting down to a plate of Bolognaise. Whatever your serving need, find the perfect professional kitchen tools amongst this fabulous selection at Spotlight If you are looking for bowls, platters and trays to accompany these fabulous utensils then check out the rest of our fantastic serving ware collection.

Do you have any tips for cleaning my new Serving Utensils?

We always recommend checking the individual care instructions before cleaning your product, and whether it is dishwasher safe in particular. If it is classed as being dishwasher safe, then it is recommended to wash plastic items on the top shelf of the dishwasher to avoid the high heats of the lower level. If not, wash with warm water and dish soap, ensuring that they have been rinsed well and dried thoroughly before storing away. Finally, avoid the use of any harsh or abrasive cleaning products such as chlorine or bleach.



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