Four easy Halloween face paint ideas

Four easy Halloween face paint ideas

Face paint can be the cherry on top of an already horrifying Halloween costume - take your scary outfit to the next level with any of these face paint tutorials! These Halloween face paint ideas come in easy and moderate levels of difficulty, and are well suited to pair with many of our adult or child Halloween costumes.

Witch face paint

Grab your broomstick, put on a pointed hat and perfect your witchy cackle before you make the finishing touches with some witch face paint! This simple but effective face paint style uses a combination of green and purple paint with stylised spiders and webs to create a bewitching facade ideal for a wicked witch costume.

Skeleton face paint

Using only back and white paint you can paint a bone-chilling skeleton face sure to give you the shivers! Highlighting your natural cheekbones, eye sockets and temples, this face paint is perfect for beginners and pairs well with a skeleton or evil necromancer costume. Even a lazy bones can create this easy Halloween face paint idea!

Vampire face paint

Transform into a blood-sucking fiend with this Vampire face paint tutorial! You'll be creating a gaunt face, hairy eyebrows and pointed fangs dripping blood for this look - while the finer details may be a little tricky, the end result is a terrifying design that will drive others batty!

Zombie face paint

Elevate your costume from a drag to deadly with this Zombie face paint tutorial, a detailed facade featuring rotting skin, gashes and a horrible gaping mouth. Using a combination of nine colours you'll create a zombie look worthy of any armageddon movie - and the best part is you can pair it with any old, torn clothes to complete your undead costume.

Get spooky with Spotlight

Here at Spotlight we'd love to help you make your Halloween that little bit spookier! You can find face paint kits, as well as body paint and special effect makeup online or in your nearest Spotlight store. We hope you can use some of these easy Halloween face paint ideas to make the scariest night of the year spooktacular!




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