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Make your own beautifully scented candles at home with our candle making kits and candle supplies. Shop soy wax, beads jars and more at Spotlight now!

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Discover Candle Making Supplies & Kits To Make Your Own Candles at Home

Who doesn't love candles? That diverse, multipurpose lump of wax with a wick has given us light for hundreds of years and is now a popular accessory in many homes for that and other benefits. Candle making is a fun activity that can be enjoyed at home, customising your candle scent, shape and colours with versatile candle making supplies from Spotlight. Candle making is a popular craft. An enjoyable pastime, you can save money by making your own candles or giving them as lovely handmade gifts. You may even discover a lucrative little home business!

Candle Making FAQs

What Supplies Do I need to start making candles?

Spotlight has all the necessary equipment for making candles yourself, such as beeswax, paraffin wax, soy wax, candle wicks in different sizes, candle moulds jars, candle holders, dyes, decorations, fragrant essential oils and candlewick holders. Browse the range and stock up on supplies to start candle making.

How to heat up candle wax?

You can use the microwave method or double boiler method to heat your candle wax. Discover the comprehensive guide on Everything A Beginner Needs To Know On How To Make Candles At Home for more steps and tips.

What scents should I choose for my candle?

Experiment with different fragrances and scents to find one that you love. Change the atmosphere at home by burning candles with a range of different aromatherapy scents, from invigorating to relaxing. Some popular candle scents include lavender, citrus, coconut and strawberry.

Shop Candle Making Supplies Online at Spotlight

Spotlight has low prices, so when you purchase your candle making supplies from Spotlight and make your own beautiful, scented candles to enjoy. You could also start selling them as a little home business of your own or giving them away as gorgeous home-made gifts. Candle making is a fun activity and you can get started with an all inclusive candle making kit which includes all the basics you need to make a candle and build on your skills. Shop more amazing craft supplies and hobby supplies online or in-store at Spotlight and follow your passion. For more creative inspiration, check out the Ideas blog today.



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