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Keep Kids Entertained For Hours With Fun Activity Kits For Children

As well as providing endless hours of fun, arts and crafts play an important role in the development of young minds and bodies. They help fire important developmental skills like attention and focus, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving, as well as key social skills such as cooperation or teamwork and learning how to socialise with other kids. From timeless classics in the form of kids colouring-in books, paint-by-numbers kits and games, and scribbling and doodling pads to more sophisticated modelling and construction kits, novelty tins and board games, kids activity sets should cater for all age groups and interests.

Discover the Vast Range of Kids Activity Kits

  • Kids puzzles and board games: Are awesome for stimulating problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Kids Art Supplies and Paint Smocks: Purpose-made paints, paint kits, brushes and smocks for kids in our kids art supplies range make it easy to encourage their imaginations to roam free.
  • Kids Bead Kits For Jewellery Making: Designing and making pendants, bracelets and other jewellery items from our amazing collection of beads and bead accessories are guaranteed to provide the kids with hours of fun while helping develop important motor skills.
  • Kids Sculpting And Modelling Clay: Clay is one of the most creative and fun art products. Kids' sculpting and modelling clay is great for developing hand-eye coordination and getting kids to fully express themselves.
  • Slime Kits and Supplies: For years, kids have been fascinated by the look and feel of slime, and because it's seriously fun to play with! No matter what kind of slime you're looking for, you'll find it in our range of slime kits and supplies.

Kids Activity Kits FAQs

What are some interesting crafts for kids to try?

Some different craft kits for kids to try include painting kits, hama bead kits, beading kits, wooden craft kits and colouring kits. All these types of activity kits are suitable for children but may require adult supervision.

What are some educational activity kits for kids?

For educational activities, science lab kits are great for exploring basic experiments. Colouring and beading kits also help kids develop fine motor skills and concentration.

Can kids activity kits be used for parties?

Yes! Activity kits are a fantastic idea for kids party entertainment. Set up a craft table or activity corner for kids to help themselves and enjoy a fun craft.

Find The Right Kids Activity Kits At Spotlight Australia

Ready to buy? Shop through our kids activity sets page online. Additionally, our guide to buying the right kids craft essentials is loaded with helpful advice and tips for taking your kids on an adventurous crafting journey. Alternatively, head into a Spotlight store to see our collection in person, check out the accessories we have available and speak with one of our friendly customer service team who'll be happy to answer your questions.



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