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Our range of baking accessories, including baking racks and cake stands, will help you make the most of your baking. Shop baking accessories at Spotlight.

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Make Baking Easier With The Right Baking Accessories From Spotlight

Baking is a fun way of cooking that can be used to make both sweet and savoury meals - you can bake cakes and cupcakes, but also lasagna, meatloaf and casserole. Having the right baking accessories goes a long way to ensuring your baked goods turn out right, and at Spotlight we've got just the tools you need to bake successfully every time!

What baking accessories can you find at Spotlight?

We've got heaps of useful kitchen baking accessories for you to take advantage of at Spotlight, including:

  • Cooling racks: These handy wire racks are ideal for cooling freshly cooked cakes and slices on. But they also double as an aerated baking tray for savoury food like chips and hash browns. Cooking on a baking/cooling rack ensures the hot air encircles every side of the food for an overall crispy finish.
  • Rolling pins: Smooth and press your dough down to the perfect height with any of our rolling pins. Our rolling pins are easy to use and come in a range of materials that you can choose from.
  • Moulds: Create candy and sweets in all sorts of shapes using our amazing moulds! Our moulds are safe to use in ovens and come in multi-packs so you can create many baked goods at once.
  • Baking mats: Our silicone baking mats are the perfect surface for kneading and rolling out dough on and are very useful if your kitchen bench isn't suitable for working on.

Keep an eye out for trusted brands like Wiltshire, Spartys and Daily Bake for quality kitchen baking accessories.

Baking accessory FAQs

What are baking accessories?

Baking accessories consist of useful extra tools used for preparing and finishing off your baked goods. While they may not be essential, baking accessories make the entire baking process much smoother and easier and are a must-have if you love to bake at home. They include racks, rolling pins, moulds and mats.

How can I use a cooling rack?

Cooling racks are primarily used to rest baked goods on when they've come out of the oven. Their open design ensures all sides of the baked food can cool equally. This open design also makes them handy for cooking food in the oven that you want to be crispy on all sides! You can bake chips, potato gems, hash browns and other tasty sides on a cooling rack, but make sure smaller foods like chips don't slip through the gaps.

What kinds of rolling pins are there?

You can find rolling pins made out of wood and silicone, with each great for their own reasons. Silicone rolling pins are great for rolling out fondant and other foods that you need to be perfectly smooth, and they're easy to clean. Wooden rolling pins are the traditional choice and great for rolling out dough, but need to be washed carefully because wood can hold onto water and bacteria.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have so many amazing cooking and baking tools you've got to check out, including:

  • Baking pans and trays: Our high-sided pans and flat trays can be used for roasting meat and vegetables, baking pastries and cooking crispy sides.
  • Baking dishes: Cook deep dish meals like casserole, lasagna and pies in any of our stylish baking dishes. We've got enamel and steel baking dishes for you to choose from.
  • Weighing and measuring: Baking is a science, and our weighing and measuring tools ensure every experiment will turn out right! You can find scales, measuring jugs, cups and spoons here to ensure you have the perfect amount of ingredients every time.

Browse the full range of baking supplies online for any other tools you may need.

Find the right baking accessories at Spotlight

Discover the ideal baking accessories for your kitchen at Spotlight! Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your baking tools straight to your front door. Or visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right baking utensils for your needs.

Make sure to check out our huge range of cake and confectionary projects, where our baking accessories will truly shine! And inspire your baking with our wonderful blogs on making icing, throwing a Halloween party and hosting a high tea party at home.



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