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Refresh Your Window Coverings With Elegant Pencil Pleat Curtains

Updating your curtains can introduce a range of benefits to your home interior. Whether you're after privacy, thermal insulation, light blocking or light filtering properties, Spotlight's pencil pleat curtain range has you covered. We have a huge range of pencil pleat curtain designs including plain, patterned, printed and textured, so you can find the perfect option to coordinate with your decor. Pencil pleat curtains are also extremely versatile when it comes to working with your home interior. They can be installed on curtain rods or tracks and work seamlessly across classic and contemporary decorating styles alike.

What Types Of Benefits Can Pencil Pleat Curtains Add To My Home?

Spotlight's pencil pleat curtain range includes sheer pencil pleat curtains as well as blackout pencil pleat curtains. You can even find pencil pleat curtains made from room-darkening materials. Choose sheer curtains for light filtering and daytime privacy benefits, or blockout styles where you need to completely blackout your room and introduce additional thermal insulation. For more tips & ideas for choosing the right curtains for your room, check out our handy guide on the best curtain & blind types for different rooms.

Pencil Pleat Curtains FAQs

What are pencil pleat curtains?

Pencil pleat curtains are so named for the neat, continuous row of narrow pencil shaped pleats that form part of the curtain header. They can also be referred to as "tape curtains" in reference to the gathering curtain tape that is used to create the pleated effect. When you unpackage your ready made pencil pleat curtains, you'll need to create the pleats by pulling the cords that run through the back of the header tape. This is one great advantage of pencil pleat styles, as you can control the amount of pleats to gather the curtains to the exact width of your windows.

Do I need special pencil pleat hooks for my curtains?

If you're wondering how to hang pencil pleat curtains, you will need the right type of curtain hooks to complete your installation. The correct hooks are referred to as gathering hooks. At Spotlight, you can find metal gathering hooks in 28 mm and 32 mm sizes. 32 mm gathering hooks are ideal for blockout pencil pleat curtains, as well as thermal and room darkening styles. The longer hook size helps the curtain sit neatly on tracks or rods.

Hot Tip: Choose nylon gathering hooks to hang your sheer pencil pleat curtains - the white plastic material helps the hooks blend in with the curtain fabric for a seamless finish.

Should I hang pencil pleat curtains on a rod or a curtain track?

Pencil pleat curtains give you the option of either rods or tracks for hanging your curtains. If you want to add extra colour or texture to your decor, choose a rod to incorporate a decorative element to your room. If you don't want any visible curtain hardware, opt for a track that can be concealed by the gathered curtain header.

Hot Tip: You will find 2 or 3 rows of pockets in the gathering tape for your curtain hooks to sit. Choose the lower pockets to hang pencil pleat curtains on a track, and opt for the upper pockets when using a rod, as this will keep the curtains sitting neatly at the bottom of the curtain rings.

Shop Pencil Pleat Curtains & Accessories At Spotlight

Once you have found the perfect pencil pleat curtains for your home, complete the look with curtain tiebacks & holdbacks for an elegant finish. Spotlight also has a huge range of curtain rods, curtain tracks and curtain hooks, so you can grab everything you need for the perfect window covering update. Shop the range online where you can enjoy the convenience of home delivery. You can also head into your local Spotlight store, where our friendly team members can always help you find everything you need to complete your window makeover! Our VIP members also have exclusive access to advance sales notifications and special discounts. Make sure you sign up today if you're not already a member!



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