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Enjoy Delicious Drinks In A Highball Glass

A step up from your average glass tumbler, a highball glass is the go-to choice for any drink that you want to feel a little extra special. At Spotlight we know that presentation matters, so we're excited to offer our customers a great range of stylish highball tumblers and highball glass sets for all your entertaining needs. From intricately cut, clear highball glasses to jewel-coloured smooth highball glasses, we've got the highball tumbler you need, at a great price!

From Ice Water To Your Favourite Cocktails

You can use a highball glass to drink all sorts of tasty beverages, including:

  • Mixers - gin and tonic, malibu and pineapple, rum and coke… all your favourite mixers work well in a highball glass with ice.
  • Cocktails - certain cocktails should always be served in a highball glass! These include the mojito, the long island iced tea, the tequila sunrise and the Bloody Mary.
  • Cider - nothing is more refreshing than a crisp, fruity cider over ice, except when that cider is poured into a beautiful highball tumbler.
  • Water - the best beverage for hydration is water, and if you struggle to drink enough each day, why not make the occasion something to look forward to? Add ice, water and a squeeze of lemon juice to a highball glass and you'll enjoy getting your two litres (for women) or almost three (for men) each day.

Highball glass FAQ

What is a highball glass?

A highball glass is a tall, thin drinking glass that usually holds between 240mm to 350mm of liquid. They are typically used for mixed drinks or cocktails with ice, although they can also be used for non-alcoholic drinks.

Highball glass vs lowball glass

The opposite of a highball glass, a lowball glass is a short, wide drinking glass used for serving drinks on the rocks (with ice) or neat (no ice). A lowball glass can also be called a rocks glass, a whisky glass or an old-fashioned glass.

Which is better - glass or crystal highball glasses?

  • Glass highball glasses - thicker, more durable, can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Crystal highball glasses - thinner, refract light beautifully, fragile, must be hand washed.

If you think your highball glasses are in danger of being knocked over or you just hate doing the dishes, opt for ones made of glass. If you want highball tumblers for special occasions and love to admire your drinks, go for crystal highball glasses instead.

What Else Can I Find in the Kitchen and Dining Range At Spotlight?

We have a huge range of drinking glasses and supplies you can use for parties and events, including:

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Find The Right Highball Glasses At Spotlight

You can peruse our range of highball glasses online, pay your way and we'll deliver your highball glasses straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the right highball tumblers for your needs. Our drinkware buying guide is a great read before making any purchases! Take care of your highball glasses by consulting our guide on cleaning and storing glassware correctly. And for fun event ideas you can bring out your best highball glass set at, read our blogs on creating a home bar, throwing a masquerade party and creating a Hawaiian-themed party at home.



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