How To Throw A Jungle Theme Party

How To Throw A Jungle Theme Party

Going to the zoo for birthdays is always fun, but why not save the travel time and bring the aesthetic of the zoo, and even the jungle, into your home instead? Kids of all ages love jungle, animal and safari-themed birthday parties, and best of all, they're one of the easiest party themes to put together at home.

At Spotlight we have a great range of supplies for a jungle theme party, including hanging decorations, tableware and heaps of great baking supplies for making tasty party treats. This blog will go through everything you need to know about hosting a jungle themed party, from set up ideas, animal games and great food and music ideas the kids will love. You can find everything you need for a jungle party theme here at Spotlight!

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Why Throw A Jungle Or Safari Theme Party?

If you're after a theme everyone will enjoy, a jungle party theme may be just the one you need. It has everything you need for a great party theme - bright colours, amazing animals, delicious food and gorgeous decorations, with all easy to find or even make yourself.

You can transform even the smallest of spaces using jungle theme party decorations, from the bathroom and kitchen to large spaces like the lounge room or your patio. There are hundreds of jungle theme party ideas out in the world, so you'll never be lacking inspiration when putting your jungle party together!

What To Wear To A Safari Theme Party?

Any themed party starts with your outfit - or a costume if you'd like it to be a fancy dress event! You have plenty of options for a safari party theme, including:

  • Animal onesies: Super comfy and easy to wear, our range of animal onesies includes jungle cats like lions and tigers, Australian favourites like koalas and kangaroos and even aquatic creatures like sharks and octopi.
  • Inflatable animal costumes: Our inflatable costumes are quick and easy to inflate, and are fitted with inner fans to keep you cool while you're wearing the outfit. Look for animals like the hippo, penguin and horse to match your party theme!
  • Safari outfits: A great choice for the birthday person (or the parents) for a safari theme party is to dress up in the classic safari outfit! This involves getting out any khakis you have and grabbing a safari helmet and accessories like binoculars or a satchel to complete the safari party theme look.
  • Animal accessories: Consider any of our many animal accessories for a more casual jungle theme party outfit. Animal ear headbands, tails, wings, shoes and gloves are all available to use, plus try adding some safari face paint to complete your animal outfit!
  • Animal print: Adults and older kids can stay on the jungle party theme in a more stylish way with animal print clothing. Look for zebra, leopard and tiger print jackets, skirts, pants and boots to create a jungle theme party that is a little more high fashion than most.

Jungle Party Theme Decoration Ideas

Transforming your home into a tropical paradise or sunny savannah for your jungle theme party or safari theme party doesn't have to be hard - Spotlight has everything you need to create an exotic space at home, including:

  • Balloons: A party staple for any event, we have special jungle-themed party balloons that are perfect for a jungle theme party. Featuring popular animals like tigers, leopards and pandas, these balloons will look great in bunches, hanging from the ceiling or even just scattered around your space. Check out our helium tanks and balloon kits for everything you need to inflate your own balloons with helium, or choose green, brown and white latex balloons for a more generic jungle vibe.
  • Hanging decorations: Create the illusion of a jungle canopy with the right hanging decorations from Spotlight. Hanging swirls, leafy garlands and flower chains are all great ways to add texture and colour to your space, and you can also drape them behind chairs and across tables.
  • Tableware: Set the party table with our fantastic range of jungle-themed party tableware. These include animal-shaped paper plates, patterned serviettes and plastic tumblers, plus try using some eco-friendly wooden cutlery to not only match your theme but help the environment as well! Add in your table decorations and you're done.
  • Faux greenery: Not only are they wonderful for decorating your home with, but faux plants are a great way to add realistic plant life to your party space. Look for artificial plants like vines and ferns, and exotic plants like monstera, birds of paradise and spathe to fill your party with.

Be sure to check out the rest of our party decorations for even more amazing decor supplies you can use to turn your home into an exotic paradise.

Celebrate In Jungle Style With Themed Invitations & Birthday Cakes

Jungle Theme Party Food

Feed your party guests with a range of delicious (and even healthy) party snacks from your safari party theme. Some of our favourite food ideas include:

  • Lion cake or cupcakes: The mighty lion should feature at any safari theme party, so bring him into the fray with our recipes for a lion cake or cupcakes! Featuring the classic flavour combination of chocolate and orange, these lion cakes feature bright colours that will stand out amongst your jungle decorations.
  • Crocodile cupcakes: Decorate your favourite flavour of cupcakes with this cool crocodile cupcake project. These cupcakes are easy to make, and should be set on a blue platter or plate to simulate a murky jungle river on your table.
  • Fondant giraffe and hippo cake toppers: Baked the birthday cake but think it still needs a little something special? Try making one of our hippo or giraffe cake toppers! Super cute and colourful, these cake toppers are made using fondant and edible glue to create a free-standing (or sitting!) animal that is perfect for your jungle-themed birthday cake.
  • Tropical juices: Keep everyone hydrated with delicious tropical juices in drink dispensers. Or for adults, create some popular tropical cocktails like the pina colada, the hurricane, the margarita or a frozen daiquiri.
  • Fruit and veggie animals: Take your fruit and veggie platter to a whole other level by creating animal shapes out of them! Create cucumber turtles, a meat and cheese lion or carrot snakes to entice party-goers to enjoy some healthier options.

Browse our baking and chocolate-making category for all the sweet supplies you'll need to make some tasty treats that fit into your jungle or safari party theme.

Animal Party Games

Let your animal instincts run wild with some animal party games, which are perfect for any safari or jungle-themed party.

  • Safari scavenger hunt: You'll need some small animal toys, plushes or if you can't get your hands on either, paper cut-outs. Hide them around your home and then create a list of each animal. Make a copy for each guest, hand them out and challenge them to find each animal and tick them off their lists. The first person to find them all wins!
  • Animal tail tag: Give each guest an easy-to-detach animal tail. You can make them out of paper or fabric, then tuck them into the waistbands of pants, shorts or attach them loosely to a belt. Have each guest spread out in a large area, then begin the game! Each guest must try to collect as many tails as possible in a tag-style rush. Once your tail is stolen, you're out!
  • Crocodile swing: This outdoor game is great for hot days! You'll need a tree or sturdy beam that you can tie a long, durable rope to. Fill a kiddie pool with water and add 'crocodiles' to it - plastic toys or just logs are fine. Position the pool under the rope and challenge your guests to swing across the pool on the rope, Tarzan style! People will probably jump in the pool later, so make sure you have some towels on hand.

You can put an animal twist on classic party games as well - pin the tail on the tiger, jungle limbo and an animal pinata are all fun choices for your party games.

Safari Theme Party Music

Depending on the kind of jungle theme party you are throwing, there are different kinds of music you can play.

Jungle-theme background music is easy to find - look for soundtracks from your favourite movies like The Lion King, Jumanji, Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones for memorable tracks that are great to play as you mingle and socialise.

For jungle-themed party songs great for dancing to, try songs like The Lion King's Circle of Life or Guns N' Roses' Welcome To The Jungle!

Decorate Your Party With Jungle-Themed Balloon Decorations

Enjoy A Jungle Theme Party At Home With Spotlight

Bring out your inner party animal by throwing a jungle or safari theme party at home! Spotlight has all the party supplies you need - shop online, pay your way and have your jungle-themed party supplies home delivered, or you can visit your nearest Spotlight store to do your shopping in person.

Want more party ideas? Read our blogs on throwing a Hawaiian-themed party, hosting a masquerade party and putting together a 1920s theme party. And make sure you're getting the right party supplies for your needs by checking our buying guides on party tableware, party decorations and cake toppings and decorating tools.




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