Our Favourite Easter Craft Ideas And Activities To Make This Year Special

Our Favourite Easter Craft Ideas And Activities To Make This Year Special

Celebrating Easter is all about spending time with your favourite people - plus bunnies and chocolate galore! This year Easter Sunday is the 31st of March, so there's plenty of time to make it meaningful and delicious.

Easter activities like crafting, baking and decorating are wonderful opportunities to spend time with loved ones. Settle down and spend quality time making simple Easter arts and crafts with little ones. Invite some mates into your kitchen for a Great Easter Bake Off. Or gather the whole clan together to make and display festive Easter decorations for the season of bunnies, carrots and eggs.

When the big day comes around, it's time for egg hunts and Easter parades. Or just a nice roast with the folks!

Do Easter your way, whether that's bonnets and bunnies or chocolate and glitter. To help out, we've gathered together some of our favourite Easter craft ideas and decor themes to suit just about every type of celebration.

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Easter Crafts And Easter Activities For Kids

Easter crafts are a fantastic way to keep kids entertained these holidays and away from screens for a bit. Kids can make their own Easter decorations, wearable accessories or even the baskets they'll use in their Easter egg hunt. Easter activities for kids need to be fun, simple and safe for them to complete - adults should always be on hand if there is any baking or hot gluing needed!

If the kids want to work with real eggs, hard boil a few and set them loose with a collection of colourful markers and some pretty craft tape. Our Copic markers project will give you some design ideas, and kids can show them off in baskets or egg cups around the house afterwards.

For papercraft-style Easter craft ideas, try our cardstock Easter bunnies project. Kids can use our template to design a unique Easter bunny they'll love showing off! Let them go wild with the glue stick, but make sure a responsible adult handles the sections that require a hot glue gun.

One of our favourite Easter activities for kids involves Hama beads! These small, colourful beads can be used to make all kinds of designs, which are then ironed together to become one solid shape. Our 3D Easter egg Hama beads project has a few egg design ideas, although kids can create any egg design as long as it fits on the pegboard. After some quick ironing by an adult, their design will fuse together and can be displayed using the Hama bead feet.

Pompoms are surprisingly easy to make, and this pompom Easter eggs project will have kids creating soft, fluffy pompom 'eggs' in no time! Use a variety of Easter colours to make your pompoms, then display them in 'nests' and baskets around the home.

And of course, make sure they can make their own Easter egg baskets to keep their eggs safe in! Whether they're made out of fabric, papier mache or popsicle sticks, our Easter basket projects will allow kids to make their own unique baskets they'll want to use year after year.

Browse our full kids' craft projects page for more ideas you may be able to put an Easter spin on!

Easter Decoration Ideas

We don't always think of decorating for Easter as much as we do with other holidays. But why not embrace the season of bunnies and eggs, and change the look of your house and garden to match?

Indoor Easter decoration ideas

Let's start with your dining table. If you'll be enjoying a sit-down dinner on Easter, try making these cute Cricut Easter placemats to set the table with. Pastel colours are a must, and you can browse the enormous Cricut library for plenty of flower and bunny designs to embellish each mat with. Then create this glittered egg centrepiece project for decorations along the length of your table! Finish it off by creating these adorable Sculpey bunny napkin rings to hold your napkins in place.

If you've just got a snack or charcuterie table for people to enjoy, decorate the table with these elegant Kaisercraft table letters and create a few rustic burlap bunny treat bags for guests to take home a selection of treats in. And make sure to check out our range of Easter decorations for Easter buntings, table covers and hanging baskets perfect for decorating the rest of your house.

Outdoor Easter decoration ideas

If the weather on Easter day is good, then it's time to take the celebrations outdoors! Hide eggs around your back patio and yard, and make sure to use yard signs and bunny footprints from our Easter decorations category to transform your space into an Easter wonderland.

Try creating this colourful Easter egg wreath - it uses hot glue and paint, and the end result is a stunning wreath perfect for your front door, table or just to display on a wall. Or try crafting these cute Easter egg trees - they look right at home around your garden and are an easy place to drop a few eggs for the hunt.

Want more decor ideas? Browse through our home decor projects and try using pastel colours and Easter symbols to make them suitable for the holiday!

DIY Decorated Easter-themed Garden Hedge Hat & Pink Straw Hat decorated with Easter Eggs, chicks and bunnies

Easter Bonnet Ideas

Whether you're primping the perfect bonnet for a school Easter Parade or holding your own mini runway event at home, we've got all the inspiration you need in our Easter bonnet projects.

Bonnet-making is a lovely way to spend a quality crafternoon with kids. Want step-by-step instructions on how to make an adorable Easter bonnet? Try our nest egg bonnet (which looks like it's sprung right out of nature), our felt flower bonnet (Full of soft and fuzzy felt flowers) or our impressive 3D Easter bonnet project that'll make you the talk of the Easter parade!

For more general bonnet inspiration, check out our useful how to decorate Easter bonnets and Easter bonnet-making projects, which provide a range of different Easter bonnet ideas in one project for you to create.

Short on time? (Or not the bonnet type?) Try making some of our Easter hat ideas instead! This Easter hats project details how to make three different Easter hats, while this Easter bunny ears project is perfect for those who don't want to wear a hat at all but still want in on the fun!

You can also add some bunny face paint to the mix if you want to add a different look to the parade. And don't forget to practise the parade walk-and-wave ahead of time. Chins up, hats on, and stride!

For more modern hat and bonnet ideas, make sure to read through our collection of headwear and millinery projects.

Easter Gift Ideas

A few special Easter gift ideas will go a long way to ensuring this Easter is one your friends and family will remember.

If you're sending long-distance Easter cheer, why not spend time crafting some special Easter holiday cards? These ones are great if you've got a Cricut machine to do the hard work for you, or try these handmade ones if you want to make them completely by hand. If your guests need something small to keep their eggs in, try gifting them these adorable felt egg pockets, and if they've got a bit more to take home, try these pretty poplin Easter sacks.

Fillable eggs are one of the loveliest DIY Easter gift ideas. Pop small sweets or toys inside these personalised giant golden fillable eggs and give them away as presents, or use these DIY fillable eggs as decorations around the home - they look especially cute laid out on an Easter dinner table. If you need hanging decor your guests can also take home, try these fillable Easter eggs made from materials like papier mache, ceramic and foam. If there's something edible inside, you can crack each egg open and have it for dessert!

For more gifts and toys that are great to take home, make any of our adorable toys and games projects.

Easter Recipes And Easter Baking Ideas

Holiday baking is always a good idea. It can be a fun group activity with friends, family or kids - or some quiet solo time. Plus, there's something yummy to eat at the end! We've got so many Easter recipes for you to choose from - here's just a selection you can try.

Create a spectacle with a stunning Easter-themed cake. Going for the cute factor? Our white bunny cake is almost too adorable to eat! Or let pastel colours do the talking with this dreamy bunny watercolour cake. Or for an intricate-looking cake that will cause guests to fawn over your baking skills (but is actually pretty easy to make), try our layered bunny biscuit cake!

Cookies and biscuits are easy to eat and great for events, and we've got plenty of Easter baking biscuits projects that you can make for the big day. Sprinkle lovers will devour our colourful Easter freckle bunny cookies, and the cute ribbon around each bunny makes them perfect for gifts too! Show the love with our cute Easter bunny heart transfer cookies, or go for a more floral look with these beautifully painted fondant egg cookies. Or if you're after a more textured cookie, try our rocky road Easter cookies or these delicious-looking shaggy bunny cookies. If you need more Easter biscuit decorating ideas, read through our Easter baking project sheet!

For many, Easter equals chocolate, and you'll find plenty of mouth-watering Easter chocolate recipes here! Our chocolate bunny lollipops are so much fun to eat and decorate, while our sprinkle-filled Easter eggs are a fun twist on the classic chocolate egg. For a chocolate treat that's fun to make and even more fun to smash, try our Oreo Easter bark and fairy garden Easter bark recipes. And finally, if you know a chocoholic you want to impress, create our amazing jumbo-filled Easter egg project to blow them away!

Check out our full collection of cake and confectionary projects if your sweet tooth still needs to be satisfied after these Easter recipes.

Chocolate cupcakes with carrot decoration, sprinkle bunny cookies & Easter-egg white chocolate bark

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