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Selecting the perfect bath mat for your home

A bath mat does so much more than absorb water and prevent accidents, it can help make your bathroom a fantastic place to pamper yourself. So, what kinds of bath mats are there to choose from?

Border bath mats - featuring a frame or border as part of the embossing in the texture of the mat, suited to more traditional-styled bathrooms.

Contour bath mats - shaped to fit around the 'bends' of the bathroom such as the soft curves of a bathtub or toilet.

Shower mats - rubberised, as opposed to soft fabric, so they are waterproof and grip on the floor of the shower or bathtub to prevent you from slipping.

Bamboo bath mats - constructed as wooden slats to allow the water to drain through, and also to create a more slick, contemporary look for the bathroom.

Towel bath mats - mimicking the look and texture of the towels for your body but smaller in shape, so they are flexible and easy to hang to dry or pack away when not being used.

Picking the bath mat that meets your needs

Similar to other bath accessories, choosing the most appropriate bath mat means thinking through various elements of its design. You'll need to consider:


Fabric bath mats are often made from luxurious materials that feel soft to the touch and are ultra-absorbent and quick-drying to weather the wet they'll encounter on a daily basis. Common fabrics for bath mats include chenille, cotton and microfibre blends.


Given bath mats come in different sizes, first measure your entire bathroom and then measure the space where you wish to place your mat. Doing so ensures the ideal fit to cover any water splashing from your tub or shower without dwarfing the room. Taking measurements will also help determine the shape of your bathroom rug e.g., maybe a round one will work better than a rectangular one?

Additional features

Aside from being plush, absorbent and quick drying, there are some other factors you should consider before purchasing a bath mat. Is it machine-washable? Does it have any safety features such as anti-slip gripping? Does it have anti-bacterial features to counter the humidity of your bathroom and stop bacteria growing in it?

Find the right bath mats and bathroom rugs at Spotlight

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