Our Non-Scary Guide To Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Our Non-Scary Guide To Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Are you scared yet? Halloween is nearly here: your once-a-year opportunity to celebrate everything spooky, silly and just plain weird. If you've left your Halloween costume prep to the last minute, never fear. You can still pull off a killer holiday look, complete with chilling costume accessories to take your outfit to the next level.

Here's our (non-scary) guide to getting spooky, quickly! Our last-minute Halloween costumes are a bit of a step up from the old 'sheet with some holes cut in it' trick, and we've got options for any child or adult wanting to join in on this year's fright fest. Make sure to read our blog on Halloween face paint ideas for great looks to pair with your costume!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Slay

Keep it simple and scary with easy ready-made costumes that really show your Halloween spirit. Even if you're not going out this year it's still fun to dress up with the family, or your housemates, to get in the mood for spooky good times. And no matter what you end up doing - don't forget to take lots of photos! Share your Halloween fun times on social media, or just with grandma on email. You only get to be a creature of the night once a year, so make the most of it.

Here are some of our favourite Halloween costume ideas for kids:

Vampire Costume

Black and red Vampire Costumess for kids

Kids will love the flowing cape that accompanies a vampire costume, and the dramatic black and red colouring means they're sure to stand out from the crowd! Our vampire costumes come in varieties for boys and girls and can be accessorised with the addition of faux fangs, fake blood, a bat-themed treat bucket and some scary vampire face paint.

Witch & Wizard Costume

Witch & Wizard Costume for kids

Bring some magic to Halloween night with a witch or wizard costume! Our wise wizard costume will transform your child into a stern sorcerer with its grey robes, beard, hat and wand. While wannabe witches can enjoy a huge variety of witch costumes in all sorts of colours, from classic black to rainbow! Accessorise with a cauldron treat bucket and spellbook to complete the look.

Skeleton Costume

Glow-in-the-dark Skeleton Costumes for kids

Skeleton costumes have evolved from simple back and white - now it's time to add some colour! Our neon and glow-in-the-dark kids' skeleton costumes feature fantastic detail and are super comfy, meaning your kids will happily wear them all Halloween night. These skeleton costumes are so detailed you don't even need skeletal face paint - they're the perfect last-minute Halloween costume for kids!

And check out these easy Halloween costumes for adults:

Nurse & Doctor Costume

Blood splattered Nurse & Doctor Costumes for adults

These healthcare professionals are not the ones you want to go to in a pinch! Our adult nurse and doctor costumes are covered in fake blood and come with all the spooky accessories you need, like a face mask, apron, socks and hat. Carry around some fake doctor's tools like a bone saw and add some bloody face paint to finish your costume.

Evil Clown Costume

Evil Clown Costumes for adults

If you really want to scare people on Halloween, our evil clown costumes are sure to get the job done! Whether you're going for subtly scary, like our clown lady costume, or full-on murderous rampage, like our multicoloured evil clown costume, we've got the flashy fool costume for you! Check out our range of colourful wigs if you want to accessorise your costume, and don't forget a fake baseball bat or axe to finish the look.

Scary Movie Favourites Costume

Scary Movie Favourites Costumes for adults

Love scary movies? Bring your favourite Halloween movie character to life with any of our movie costumes. We love this Sally Finklestein costume from A Nightmare Before Christmas, or you can give cult movie lovers a fright with our Jason Voorhees costume from Friday The 13th. You can also find costumes from media such as IT, Squid Game, The Conjuring and A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Prepare To Scare With Last Minute Halloween Costumes From Spotlight

You can find even more Halloween costumes online on our Halloween costumes and accessories page! Or visit your local Spotlight store to choose your Halloween costume in person.

For more great Halloween ideas and inspiration, check out our blogs on Halloween pet costumes, throwing the ultimate Halloween party and getting into the Halloween spirit using the humble pumpkin.




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