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Are Reeves Acrylic Paints Good For Artists?

Whether you're a beginner artist looking for their first set of paint or a more experienced painter wanting to try a new brand, Reeves acrylic paints and painting supplies are a strong and reliable choice! Reeves acrylic paints are water-based, flexible when dry and come in a great range of vibrant highly-pigmented colours that can be used on surfaces like paper, canvas, wood, fabric and glass. Reeves paints are thick and buttery straight from the tube, and perfect for when you need to cover a large space with gorgeous colour.

What Kinds Of Reeves Painting Supplies Can I Find At Spotlight?

If you love the Reeves painting brand, you'll be delighted with the range of Reeves painting supplies on offer! These include:

  • Reeves acrylic paint sets - instantly have a whole host of spectacular colours at your fingertips when you get yourself any of Reeves acrylic paint sets. These paint packs are ready to use straight from the tube and make painting on the go easy! You can also find watercolour sets, with both dry cake and tube varieties available, as well as gouache packs for lovers of the medium.
  • Single Reeves paint tubes - if you just need a new top-up of your favourite Reeves paints, grab a single bottle of Reeves acrylic paints, watercolours, oils and gouache right here. We've got all your favourite colours for a great price.
  • Reeves paper pads - you can find heaps of paper pads to suit your artistic style. We've got pads for sketching, tracing, drawing and painting available, as well as special paint-by-number pads to help you create beautiful works of art.
  • Reeves paint brush sets - find the right tools for the job with any of the Reeves paint brush sets. With natural hair and synthetic varieties available, you'll find the perfect brush for the job with Reeves.
  • Reeves painting mediums - take your art to the next level with the addition of any Reeves medium. You can find pouring medium, modelling paste, gesso, texture and gloss gel in the Reeves brand right here, all designed to seamlessly blend with Reeves paints.

What Other Kinds Of Art Supplies Can I Find At Spotlight?

With all your Reeves painting supplies in hand, what else do you need to start creating some beautiful works of art?

  • Painting supplies - find even more paints, brushes and mediums in our huge painting supplies category. No matter your paint of choice, we'll have it right here!
  • Canvases and boards - find the right surface for the job in our painting canvases and boards section online, including stretched and gallery-wrapped varieties.
  • Painting easels - paint like a professional using any of our painting easels. We have all your favourites available, including A-frame, H-frame, tabletop and plein-air varieties. We also have presentation easels that are wonderful for displaying finished works of art!

Find The Right Reeves Products At Spotlight

Whether you need Reeves paints, brushes or paper, you can find an abundance of them at Spotlight. You can browse and then purchase what you need online, and enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your order. You can also just visit your nearest Spotlight to shop the range in person! If you are a newer artist in need of guidance, we're here to help! Check out our articles on getting started with art and painting on canvas to get off on the right foot on your artistic journey.



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