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Shop a huge range of latex balloons for your next party. We have coloured balloons, latex balloon bundles, balloon arches, balloon backdrops & more!

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Shop Latex Balloons & Balloon Garlands

Shop our incredible range of latex balloons for your next party! Spotlight offers single balloons, mixed balloon bunches, textured balloon backdrops and gorgeous balloon garlands that are perfect for your next event.

Why Should I Choose Latex Balloons From Spotlight?

For any celebration running for one day, latex balloons are a perfect choice! They are inexpensive, flexible and can come in a huge variety of colours and sizes. You can find clear latex balloons, matte latex balloons and even ones filled with glitter at Spotlight, and they can be single, arranged in a balloon bunch or even gathered into an impressive balloon archway. Latex balloons can be filled with air, helium or even water to suit your occasion, and they are easy to blow up, either by hand or using a special machine.

Not keen on blowing up your balloons yourself? Let us take care of it for you! Select Spotlight stores offer balloon inflation services, where you can have latex balloons filled with either air or helium. Alternatively, hire a tank of helium from us to use at home whenever you need it for your party. We can also deliver balloon bouquets to your home!

Be Careful About Latex allergies

Latex balloons can trigger allergies in people who are sensitive to latex. Please avoid latex balloons if you are allergic - try foil balloons or bubbles for your party instead!

Discover a Great Range of Balloon Accessories

Spotlight also offers balloon accessories you can use to augment your latex balloons. Choose from weights in a range of fun shapes, colourful ribbons, sticks, bags and more. Plus find curling ribbon and strings to make your balloons stand out.

What Other Party Decorations Can I Find at Spotlight?

Make your party one to remember with Spotlight's amazing range of party decorations! Choose from:

  • Buntings and garlands - set the theme of your party with an elegant garland or an adorable bunting! We have buntings and garlands themed for milestone birthdays, annual events, special occasions and even ones featuring your favourite TV and movie characters.
  • Confetti - make your celebration extra special with a scattering of colourful confetti. Browse our range of confetti themed for birthdays, weddings and baby showers, as well as all-purpose confetti perfect for any occasion.
  • Table decorations - make your party dining experience one to remember with our party table decorations. Whether it's a themed table cloth, colourful bonbon or eye-catching centrepiece, Spotlight will have the table dĂ©cor you need for your event.
  • Party hats - get festive with our range of party hats and masks, covering everything from the classic conical party hat to masks featuring characters from your favourite franchises like Marvel, Disney and Sesame Street.

Make Your Party a Hit With Latex Balloons

As one of Australia's premier latex balloon suppliers, Spotlight's latex balloons are sure to elevate your party to the next level! When buying your latex balloons online, you can choose from home delivery or click and collect pickup options for your orders. Otherwise, head to your local Spotlight store and our lovely team will be happy to help you with all your balloon needs!

For everything else party-related, check out our party hub page online. You can find our party buying guides there, as well as great ideas for themes and quality costumes.

Feeling creative and want to get hands-on with your party prep? Have a browse of our cake and confectionary projects, as well as our face-painting projects, for great party ideas anyone can make!



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