How To Prep Your Kid’s Bed For Summer

How To Prep Your Kid’s Bed For Summer

A fresh set of bedding for summer is a great way to start the year, while also ensuring your child can sleep comfortably on hot nights. Spotlight's range of kids' summer bedding comes in many styles, sizes and colours, so there's an option that every child will love - plus plenty of helpful extras that will make their bed super comfy!

Refresh your child's bedding by following these six simple steps to build your child's summer bed from the base up.

1. Build Up A Base

No matter how creative you want to get with your children's bedroom ideas, it pays to start with the practical stuff. A comfy bed is a must-have all year round, so begin your fresh summer look with a mattress topper or protector. As well as helping your child's bed feel more cushy and protected and extending the life of the mattress, a quality topper or protector can help regulate body heat for a good night's sleep.

All our kids' mattress protectors are waterproof and made from breathable materials like bamboo or cotton, helping prevent any moisture from sinking into the mattress and ensuring your child can have a dry night's sleep no matter the temperature.

2. Fresh Kids' Summer Sheets

Time to swap out winter-weight sheets, like fluffy flannelette, for cool summer alternatives. Our kids' summer sheets are made with 100% cotton, making them comfy and breathable for warm nights (and restless sleepers) in cots and big-kid beds alike. Little ones will love snuggling up with their gorgeous gingham, heart, polka dot, flower, dinosaur and superhero patterns. Our kids' summer sheets are the perfect setting for a bit of reading in bed (solo or with Mum or Dad), so make it easy for little bookworms with a bedside lamp and glass of water in easy reach. All that reading is thirsty work!

Cute and playful printed pattern kids' sheet sets

3. Summer Quilts

With our changeable weather, parts of Australia enjoy cool nights even during summer - which is where summer quilts come in. Lighter and more breathable than their winter counterparts, they'll keep out chills without leaving the kids sweaty or uncomfortable. Complete the look with pretty quilt cover sets, featuring colourful patterns, styles and all their favourite TV and movie characters. These vibrant prints were meant for adventuring, so drag them into the family room for movie marathons, pop them on the floor of your indoor cubby house, or drape them over shoulders for night-time activities on the veranda or backyard.

4. Plump Up The Pillows

Since it's the change of season, take the opportunity to inspect everyone's pillows, chuck out any that are stained or lumpy, and invest in some fresh ones if need be. This is where your little one will lay their head each night, so make it as magical as can be with pillowcases featuring their favourite characters - many of our kids' summer sheets come with matching pillowcases you can use to create a cohesive look in your child's bedroom. For extra relaxation, mix a few drops of lavender oil with cold water in a small spray bottle and lightly spritz your child's room before bedtime. Anything that helps kids snooze a little easier has got to be good!

5. Bed Styling

Once the needful bits are in place, now's the time to go all in with styling for an extra pop of fun. A pretty kid's bed cushion or two will add colour to any kid's room and provide an extra friend to snuggle with whenever the need arises (or use it as ammunition in pillow fights). Crafty parents might also want to try their hands at any of our blanket or quilt projects - or at least request one from Nanna. They'll look fab tossed over the foot of a bed or folded neatly from the top down to show off both sides.

6. Pretty Finishing Touches

Once your child is all tucked up in bed, make sure there's something lovely for them to look at while they fall asleep. Any of our kids' bedroom decorators will do - they might even inspire a new story or two if you have an aspiring author in the house. For more bedroom fun, create a cosy fort you can all enjoy with our easy blanket fort project. Kids will love crawling inside for story time (or just a play or a nap). Or for a homemade friend they can snuggle with, check out our toys and games projects. Sweet dreams!

Kids matching sleeping sheep sheet sets

Enjoy Colourful Kids' Summer Bedding From Spotlight

Ready to grab a fresh set of kids' summer bedding? Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your kids' summer bedding straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop for kids' summer sheets, pillows and quilts in person!

For more fun activities your kids will love, check out our range of kids' projects online! And for more ideas and inspiration for your child, read our blogs on making slime and playdough, birthday party craft ideas and two ways to make a pinata.




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