5 Stylish Curtain Holdback & Tie Back Ideas

5 Stylish Curtain Holdback & Tie Back Ideas

Do your curtains need a little something extra to take them to the next level of style? Enter curtain holdbacks and tie backs - these simple accessories are used to hold your curtains back from the window, but come in a wide range of shapes and makes to ensure you can use them decoratively as well.

Browse the curtain range at Spotlight and you'll discover a fantastic collection of curtain holdbacks and tie backs, with plenty of different materials, colours and styles to choose from. Let's go through five of the most distinct variations you'll find here, and what kinds of home decor styles they suit!

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What Are Curtain Holdbacks And Tie Backs?

Curtain holdbacks and tie backs are two kinds of curtain accessories used to hold curtains back from a window, when they would otherwise cover it.

  • Curtain holdbacks are hooks or u-shaped pieces of solid material, like metal, stiff plastic or wood. Holdbacks are attached directly to the wall next to your curtain so they curve away from the surface. Curtains can be gathered and left to sit in this curve when you want the window exposed, and simply lifted out when you want to close them again.
  • Curtain tie backs are made from soft materials and form cords used to wrap around the curtain and pull it away from the window. How do you use curtain tie backs when they're not attached to the wall? The key is to add a small anchor or ring to your wall for it to loop onto. Tie backs are hooked over your ring or hook, and then the cord is looped around the curtain and tightened to hold it back from the window as much as needed.

Neither type is better than the other in terms of utility. Holdbacks tend to be a more modern, minimalistic choice for curtains, while tie backs are more ornate and formal, often with dangling decor like tassels and strands. Both come in a large range of styles, allowing you to bring your specific rustic, boho, romantic and modern curtain tie back ideas and curtain holdback ideas to life!

1. Fun Tassel Curtain Tie Backs

Adding tassels can make anything more fun, and this includes tie backs! Our tassel curtain tie backs are made from materials like polyester and cotton with glass accents, with a range of beautiful colours like gold, charcoal, navy, seafoam, silver and stone available.

Tassel curtain tie backs in the same colour as your drapes can work as an elegant option, while contrasting colours are a more eclectic choice that will show off the look of your tie back. Make sure to wrap your tie back so the tassels dangle loosely at the front of the curtain to show them off!

2. Elegant Metal Holdbacks

For a sleek and elegant look, metal holdbacks may be your best choice for securing your curtains. Choose from classic metal colours like nickel, silver and chrome, as well as matte black for a less shiny option. If it's minimalist or modern curtain tie back ideas you want to try, metal holdbacks are the perfect accessory to start with.

Our metal holdbacks come in a few different styles, ranging from a simple stoppered end to large, ornate knobs, ensuring your curtains stay in place without slipping off the hook. Choose a metal holdback that contrasts with the colour of your curtain if you want to draw attention to it, or choose a matte curtain holdback without shine for a more subtle look.

Elegant silver rope tassel curtain tiebacks

3. Minimalistic Rope Tie Backs

Braided or twisted rope tie backs are made from natural materials like cotton and linen, and are a lovely way to get a touch of earthy colour and texture into your space. These soft tie backs are well suited to homes with minimalist, traditional or more bohemian decor styles, as their grassy texture and subtle colours will complement the room without clashing with your curtains and other decor.

Rope tie backs can be used to match other similar decor in the space, such as twisted candles, macrame wall hangings and braided lampshades. Choose rope tie backs with similar colours to your existing decor for a more cohesive look!

4. Luxe Crystal Style Tie Backs

Elevate your living room or bedroom with a luxurious crystal tie back for your curtains. Made from clear and shiny acrylic, our crystal tie backs are the ideal choice when you want your curtains and their accessories to stand out. Perfect for elegantly styled rooms, Spotlight's luxe crystal tie backs will catch and scatter direct sunlight, turning your window from a source of light into a showpiece for the room.

Because they are clear, crystal tie backs can be matched with curtains of any colour or pattern, although they may clash with heavily patterned curtains depending on the colours!

5. Rustic Stranded Tie Backs

Our multi-strand tie backs add texture and a little bit of elegance to your curtains without drawing too much attention. These tie backs are available in natural colours like linen, charcoal, cream and white, making them great to pair with monochrome curtains and curtains in more subtle shades.

Choose from tie backs with evenly spaced or loosely twisted strands for different looks - even stranded tie backs are more formal and neat, while twisted tie backs can be styled to suit more eclectic and rustically styled homes.

Bonus - Make Your Own Curtain Tie Backs

Can't find the perfect tie back for your curtains? Try making your own using the range of curtain fabrics and decorator fabrics at Spotlight! Look for fabrics that match your curtain fabric, and feel free to add special features like a finishing trim, some ribbon, a lacy edge or some dangling tassels and pom poms.

Check out our range of sewing machines and haberdashery for everything you need to create your own tie backs and bring your dream curtain tie back ideas to life!

Rustic brown rope tassel curtain tiebacks

Enjoy Beautiful Curtain Holdbacks And Tie Backs From Spotlight

Browse the range of curtain tie backs and holdbacks at Spotlight to find the perfect accessory for your curtains today! Shop online, pay your way and we'll deliver your curtain holdbacks and tie backs straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you choose the perfect accessories for your curtains in person.

Go full DOY by making your own drapes using any of our amazing curtain projects! And if it's more curtain-based information you're after, read through our helpful buying guides on how to hang curtains, curtain maintenance and the best kinds of window furnishings for every room.




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