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Discover Quality Cake Tins At Spotlight

Baking a delicious cake requires a suitably high-quality baking tin to match, and you can find an amazing range of cake tins and pans right here at Spotlight! The right cake pan or tin will ensure your carefully-crafted cake comes out of the oven in one piece, as well as help it cook evenly and rise to the height you want. With trusted brands like Wiltshire and Mastercraft available for you to choose from, finding the perfect cake pan for your next baking project has never been easier!

The Types Of Cake Tins You Can Find At Spotlight

We have a fantastic variety of cake tins for you to choose from, including:

  • Round cake tins: The classic round cake pan is a must-have for any baker. Look for tins with extra depth if you want to bake a particularly high cake.
  • Square and rectangular cake tins: Perfect for both cakes and slices, a rectangular or square tin creates those delicious chewy edge pieces everyone loves to grab when the cake comes out.
  • Bundt pans: A bundt pan is a round cake pan with a cylinder in the middle used to create cakes with an empty centre. It's a handy pan to have on hand if you like to bake number cakes for special occasions.
  • Springform cake tins: If you've ever struggled to get a cake out of a cake tin then springform pans are the answer to your prayers! These handy pans open from the side with a 'spring' mechanism, allowing you to safely lift the cake out of the pan without the need to shake, tap or turn the pan upside down.
  • Flexible cake pans: These pans are made from silicone instead of metal and allow you to 'pop' the cooked cake out of the pan. Most are also freezer, dishwasher and microwave-safe.
  • Tart tins: These cake tins are specially designed for baking tarts with thin, crispy shells. They allow moisture to escape as the tart cooks and feature sloped sides so the tart is easy to remove.

Most metal cake pans come in steel grey, although there are rose gold varieties available for some styles as well.

Cake Tins FAQ

What is a cake tin?

A cake tin is a metal or silicone baking tin designed for baking cakes in the oven. It features high, connected sides and usually a flat bottom, and will usually have either a nonstick coating or a springform release mechanism to make removing the cooked cake easier.

How to measure a cake tin

Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure across your cake pan from the inside lip to the inside lip. Measure the height from the inner edge as well - measuring from the outside will mean any cake you bake will come out smaller than you measured.

How to line a cake tin (works for round and straight-edged tins)

Place your cake tin base down onto a sheet of baking paper and use a pencil to trace around the base. Cut the shape out with scissors - you will have a shape the perfect size for lining the base of your cake pan. If you want the sides lined as well, place the side of your tin on another sheet of baking paper and mark its size, adding 2 cm at the top, then cut two strips of baking paper this size. You can add these to a greased tin after adding the base paper. The extra height will help you remove your cake at the end.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

Love to bake? Make sure you get your hands on some of our other handy baking supplies, including:

  • Pizza pans: Create perfectly crispy, delicious homemade pizza with any of our amazing pizza pans. They are designed to allow your pizza to cook evenly and thoroughly - no more pizza that is burnt on the outside and doughy in the middle!
  • Muffin pans: Create yummy muffins and cupcakes with any of our handy metal and silicone muffin pans. Make a small batch of 6 or a large batch of 24 with the right muffin pan from Spotlight!
  • Loaf pans: Bake the perfect loaf of bread using any of our quality loaf tins. Also great for making desserts like ice cream cake and Christmas cake.

Discover more baking pans and trays online.

Find The Right Cake Tins At Spotlight

Our cake tins are suitable for all kinds of cake making, from a simple chocolate cake to a layered cake extravaganza! Make sure to browse our entire baking category online for any other baking supplies you'll need in the kitchen, then buy online and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to view the range in person. Planning on buying a few bits and bobs for your kitchen? Make sure to consult our buying guides on bakeware, cookware and kitchen storage to ensure you're getting the right equipment for your kitchen. And for great tips and inspiration for all things baking, read our blogs on elevating your cake making skills, creating icing and creating the ultimate birthday cake!



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