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Add colour and dimension to your creations with Spotlight's selection of craft paints. Whether you're wanting to paint a t-shirt, colour a model for a school project or decorate a mug for a gift, our range of craft paints is ideal for just about any creation. Craft paints are suitable for a versatile range of materials and surfaces, and are specifically designed for longevity and durability. Explore the range of craft paints online and in-store to inspire your next creative project today!

What Kinds Of Craft Paints Can I Find In Spotlight's Range?

  • Fabric Paints: These paints are specifically formulated for use on fabrics and textiles. Fabric paint is designed to dry soft and flexible, and won't crack or crumble as it moves with your decorated garments or accessories. Fabric paints are permanent and machine washable.
  • Ceramic & Glass Paints: Glass and ceramic paints are the perfect way to personalise mugs, glass drinkware and plates. Simply decorate your chosen item and set the paint in the oven.
  • Speciality Paints: Elevate your creations with paints designed to create special effects or are suited to cover a range of surfaces with ease.
  • Glitter Paints & Metallic Paints: Add a touch of sparkle and shine to any craft project with glittery paints and metallic tones.
  • Fluro Paints: Make your craft creations stand out with washable, non-toxic fluorescent paints.

Craft Paints FAQs

How to get acrylic craft paint out of clothes

As the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure - aprons and smocks are the best way to protect your clothes when using craft paint. To remove craft paint from clothes it's best to deal with the stain immediately while the paint is still wet. Remove the stained item and turn it inside out, and rinse the paint from the back of the garment with cold water. Don't rub fabric as this can push the paint into the fibres and make it harder to remove. Launder the garment as per the care instructions, and use some stain remover if the first wash doesn't remove all of the paint.

What paint to use on MDF craft

Craft paints are ideal for decorating timber & papier mache craft supplies, as they provide great coverage and are more cost effective than using artist's paints. You can create custom wall hangings & room decorations with Spotlight's range of MDF shapes or letters & numbers - simply choose some multi surface acrylic craft paints in your favourite colours. They're designed to adhere to a range of surfaces, are non-toxic and water soluble for ease of clean up.

How to thin craft paint

Most craft paints are water soluble, allowing you to thin the paint of your choosing with a few drops of water. You can easily create watercolour effects - even with fabric paints- by adding more water and layering the paint gradually onto your chosen surface.

Bring Your Projects To Life With Spotlight's Paint & Painting Supplies

At Spotlight our huge range of paint & painting supplies has everything you need for any art & craft project. Create masterpieces with our selection of art paints and mediums, and find all your paint application essentials with our paint brushes, paint palette knives and paint palettes. You can also discover some great inspiration with our FREE craft projects and kids craft projects online.


No matter what project you have in mind you can find the right craft paints and equipment to bring your creative vision to life at Spotlight. Shop the extensive range of art & craft products online, where you can enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your purchases. Alternatively head into your local Spotlight store where you can explore the range in person and find everything you need for your projects. Spotlight VIPs enjoy exclusive benefits like discounted prices and early sales alerts - so if you're not already a member make sure you sign up today!



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