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Make Cleaning Up So Much Easier With The Right Dish Rack From Spotlight

The end of the dishwashing process after dinner is not one you want to drag out. Rather than having to manually dry every plate and bowl after washing, using a dish rack to drip dry your dinnerware is much less effort and, in many cases, more effective.

If you have a lot of dishes to dry, using a tea towel means it will quickly become damp and useless. You may also miss drips in the folds and cracks of your cookware, which, when your kitchenware is put away, may lead to mould and bacteria thriving in your kitchen storage. Air dry your dishes on a dish rack and enjoy putting away perfectly dry cookware the next day!

What kinds of dish racks can I find at Spotlight?

You can find a great range of bowl, cup and plate drying racks at Spotlight, including:

  • Single-level dish drying racks are compact and ideal for single or two-person households. Many come with an extra clip-on cutlery caddy, so you can use all the available dish drainer space for your dishware.
  • Double-level dish racks have two tiers that are handy if you've got a large family but not a lot of sink space. Make sure you don't let any water from dishes in the top rack of your dish drainer collect on dishes in the bottom rack.
  • Extendable dish racks are great for travelling with and can be adjusted to suit the size of the sink you are working with. When done, they can be folded back up and stored away if needed.
  • Pop-up dish drying racks are also great for travel, as they pop up from flat into a useful single-level dish rack. Squish them back down to flat to store away in a small space.
  • Over-sink drainers are great for when you're shot on drying space. Not only do they create a whole extra dish drying rack, but any water from them drips directly into the sink, meaning you won't need to clean up excess water stains from the sides of your sink afterwards.

Dish rack FAQs

What is a dish rack?

A dish rack is a portable rack made out of metal or plastic used for air-drying washed dishes. Dishes sit vertically in the rack, which allows water to drip down through the rack and into the sink. Many dish racks have a separate caddy for cutlery to sit in.

How do I clean a dish rack?

Dish racks should be cleaned to prevent a build-up of mould. This tends to occur at the bottom of the rack, which tends to sit in water, and the bottom of the cutlery caddy. Wipe down with hot water and dish soap to clean your dish drying rack once a week, and make sure to clean the surface it sits on at the same time too.

What should I put under my dish rack?

If you don't want the water from your dishes dripping onto your sink, we recommend placing a drying mat underneath it. These mats are made from synthetic materials that don't absorb water, and can be thrown in the wash for a quick and easy clean when needed. Drying mats can also help hold an unstable dish rack in place.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find all sorts of useful kitchenware at Spotlight, including:

  • Food storage containers: Keep your most-used food in easy-to-use containers from this category! Our canisters and jars are ideal for tea coffee, sugar, flour and your favourite cookies.
  • Pantry storage containers: Keep all your dry pantry goods safe, secure and tidy in our pantry storage containers. Perfect for staples like cereal, pasta, flour, sugar and rice.
  • Kitchen organising trays and shelves: Our range of shelves and trays will help keep your kitchen neat while still keeping what you need close by! These include cutlery trays, knife trays, tiered organisers, baskets and more.

Look for amazing brands like Joseph Joseph, DLine and MadeSmart for quality kitchen storage you can trust.

Find the right dish racks at Spotlight

You can choose from our range of kitchen dish drainer racks online, where you can quickly pay and have your dish tray home delivered in no time. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our lovely team will help you choose the best dish-drying tray for your needs at home.

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