Table Linen Accessories

Here at Spotlight, we offer tablecloth weights as well as a variety of tablecloth clips & grips. Shop our table linen accessories online or in-store!

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Can I buy Table Linen Accessories from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have just about everything that you could possibly need to set a stunning table. Elevate your table setting with these useful and essential accessories, all of which are designed to ensure that your tablecloth or covering stays exactly where you put it. To purchase our fabulous selection of table linen accessories shop online through our safe and secure website and we will deliver right to your door. Alternatively, call into one of our nationwide Spotlight stores today and shop our entire range of tableware. With such great value deals and our guaranteed low prices, stock up on the whole collection for a table that makes a statement.

What is included in this range?

This selection features a range of products that will stop your tablecloth or covering from moving. Tablecloth clips will let you relax and enjoy your meal outdoors without the wind from blowing your cloth or can also be used to add a decorative skirt, ideal for a more formal event such as a wedding. Table weights are decorative items that will keep your table neat and tidy, whether you are dining indoors or out. These are a stylish addition to any table setting, and there are a number of different designs to choose from. An anti-slip liner underneath your tablecloth can also keep it still, and there are several options to choose from. Alternatively, check out the rest of our magic grip liners, with those suitable for all around the home. Add to your glass cupboard for an extra layer of safety or use it to help keep your pots and pans neat and organised. If you are looking to protect your favourite fabric tablecloth, then check out the plastic roll that is available that will turn any covering into one that is wipe-clean. We are sure that you will find the essential table linen accessories that you are looking for in this collection.

How can I keep my Tablecloth from moving?

If you are dining outside, then keeping your tablecloth or runner from moving can be a challenge If you are not quite sure which of our table clips is right for you, then measure the thickness of your table edge with a ruler or tape measure and check the size dimensions by each of the individual products. The amount of table clips that you need depends on the size of the table, and it is recommended to have one clip for every foot of material. Simply clip onto your table with an easy to use design. Alternatively, add table weights to the bottom of your cloth for a more decorative element that will also keep it in place. Both of these options are suitable for both indoor and outdoor dining.

How can I keep my new tablecloth clean?

Well, that depends on your tablecloth, as the different materials may require different cleaning methods. We always advise you to check the individual care labels on each product fully before beginning any cleaning or maintenance. To maintain your tablecloths quality for longer, store clean and dry in a well-ventilated area that is away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Always check your tablecloths care instructions to see whether it is machine washable. If you are looking for the perfect tablecloth to dine in vogue, then there are so many to choose from at Spotlight. With great value deals and our lowest prices guaranteed, you are sure to find the perfect tablecloth for you amongst our fabulous selection.



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