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Spotlight's soap dishes, trays and holders come in many styles, from efficient acrylic or stainless steel to smart bamboo and stylish stone. Shop now!

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Can I purchase soap dishes at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. You can combine practicality with style with our wide range of stylish soap dishes. Hang a handy soap dish inside your shower cubicle so your soap is easily within reach, or display a large bar of wonderfully smelling soap on the edge of your bath. Here at Spotlight, soap dishes come in many styles, from efficient acrylic or stainless steel to smart bamboo and stylish stone, as well as a number of soap dishes that match our bathroom accessories range for a coordinated look.

What are the different styles of soap dish?

There are many different styles of soap dish, but the main categories are:

Wall hanging:these soap dishes can be fixed to the wall either with screws or by using suction cups, the advantage of that is that it leaves more room on your bath edge or around your wash basin. You can also hang them at the right height, for instance in a shower.

Freestanding:If you have enough space, you might prefer to have a freestanding soap dish that you can place exactly where you like.

What else should I look for when choosing a soap dish?

Apart from the colour, material and size, an important thing to keep in mind when choosing a soap dish is whether it has a drainage option. Some soap dishes are made from wire and allow all the water to drain away - others may have a hole in the bottom, while some have no hole at all. This last design is not practical in a shower environment as the standing water that remains in the dish will dissolve your soap quickly.

What are soap dishes made from?

Here at Spotlight, we have soap dishes made from plastic, chrome, bamboo, wood, ceramics, glass and more. You can choose the colour and material that you prefer and remember that many soap dishes are part of a larger range of coordinating bathroom accessories.

This means you can match your soap dish to items like tumblers, toothbrush holders, toilet brush holders, liquid soap dispensers, and even items like bins or mirrors. Mix and match as required or find a style that will fit in with your sanitary ware, your tiles or the colour of your shower curtain and towels, the choice is yours!

Where else can I use soap dishes?

Of course, soap dishes do not have to remain confined to the bathroom. Many people like to have them by the wash basin in the bedroom, in the guest WC or even in the kitchen or utility room. With so many different soap dishes to choose from, you will be able to find the ideal soap dish for every room in your house here at Spotlight.



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