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Hang your curtains with ease using practical cord drawn & hand drawn curtain tracks. Shop durable & adjustable curtain tracks from Spotlight.

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Hang Your Curtains With Durable Curtain Tracks From Spotlight

Whether you're looking to replace an existing curtain track or need the right hardware for your new ready-made curtains, Spotlight has you covered with a variety of different curtain tracks to suit your needs. We have cord drawn tracks, hand-drawn tracks, s-fold tracks and even flexible tracks that are perfect for hard-to-fit spaces like bay windows. There are heavy-duty options that will easily accommodate wider width curtains, as well as extendable tracks that mean that no cutting to size is required!

What Types Of Curtains Can I Install On A Track?

Curtain tracks will accommodate any pleated curtain style, or any curtain that requires curtain hooks for installation. These styles include:

Pleated curtain styles can also be installed on curtain rods, but some styles like eyelet curtains can only be installed on rods, and not tracks! You can find out more about curtain rods vs curtain tracks in our handy use rods or tracks buying guide.

Curtain Tracks FAQs

Hand-drawn tracks vs cord-drawn tracks: what's the difference?

Both styles of tracks include gliders which your curtains will hang from, but differ in how you operate them to open and close your drapes.

  • Cord-drawn tracks include a series of internal pulleys and cords so curtains can be drawn by pulling the cord that hangs down at the side of your window.
  • Hand-drawn tracks are often used in conjunction with flick sticks to pull curtains open and closed by hand.

If you're unsure about which style to choose, keep in mind that corded tracks can offer more convenience of operation, but are also tricker to maintain and need to be carefully installed (with cords secured 1600 mm above floor height) to ensure the safety of children in the home.

How to install a curtain track

The first step to a successful curtain track installation is to ensure you have the right size track for your window. Measure your windows accurately by following our comprehensive guide on how to measure your windows. If your track is expandable, carefully extend it to the length you require. Spotlight's curtain tracks come with included instructions and hardware to make the process simple. You can install your curtain track on the face of a window frame and even from the ceiling by using the included masonry plugs. Masonry plugs ensure secure installation when you're drilling into plasterboard, bricks or concrete. Make sure you use one or more centre support brackets if you have a wider window - this will make sure the track stays level and doesn't sag.

What accessories do I need to complete my curtain installation?

Most of the required brackets, screws and hardware will be included with your curtain track, but you will still need curtain hooks to attach your chosen curtain style to your track. Select gathering hooks for pencil pleat curtains, and pinch pleat hooks for pinch pleated curtain header styles. You can opt to create a double curtain track with the use of double brackets as well, allowing you to have a blockout curtain on the front of your window, and sheer curtains for daytime privacy tucked in behind. Complete the look with tiebacks & holdbacks for an elegant finish.

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