How To Choose And Style Bedroom Curtains

How To Choose And Style Bedroom Curtains

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and the curtains you choose will become an important part of separating your bedroom from the outside world. Curtains serve to do more than just block out light - they offer privacy, can muffle noise and also play an important decorative role in your bedroom.

Spotlight is known for having one of the largest curtains ranges available in Australia, with ready-made and made-to-measure services offered at most stores. With such a wide variety available, how do you choose the right bedroom curtains for your home? This blog will delve deep into what kinds of curtains are best depending on a variety of factors, such as bedroom size and outdoor factors that can affect your sleep - plus a few style tips to ensure your bedroom curtains are always looking amazing, no matter what type you have!

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Bedroom Curtains For Noise-Sensitive Sleepers

If you find that you're often being woken up by noises outside your home, such as cars, animals and even planes, then using curtains to reduce the noise will go a long way to helping you sleep better!

For curtains that can block noise but also look good, consider our beautiful room-darkening curtains. These curtains are made from triple-weave fabric that has been combined to create a thick, multi-layered curtain that has been designed to limit light and air passing through. While minimal light is nice, the noise-muffling properties of these curtains are what makes them so great for light sleepers.

Unlike blockout and thermal curtains, which have a sturdy layer of acrylic on the back, room-darkening curtains are made entirely from thickly-woven fabric. This gives them a superior drape to blockouts and thermals, allowing them to be puddled on the floor for an elegant look. This drape also allows them to cling closer to your walls and floor, muffling more noise from your windows than a stiffer blockout or thermal curtain could!

Take advantage of this looser drape by using a tie-back or holdback during the day to give your curtains an elegant and flowing drape while open. Holdbacks are a good choice for modern or minimalist-styled bedrooms, as their simple hook design, paired with strong materials like polished metal, make for a subtle but stylish bedroom statement. Tie backs can be braided, twisted or come in more glamourous crystal and beaded variations, so are great for bedrooms that you want a little more pizazz in. Tie them tightly for a more structured look, or loosely gather the curtains in a tie back for a looser, more flowing effect.

Bedroom Curtains For Light-Sensitive Sleepers

Whether you're a shift worker trying to sleep during the day or you've got a poorly placed streetlamp just outside your window, light can snap you straight out of sleep and signal your body it's time to wake up - which you don't want when you're trying to get your eight hours!

If you need total darkness to sleep then a set of blockout curtains is what you need. These curtains, like room-darkening curtains, are made from a thickly-woven material, but also have an acrylic backing that physically stops light from penetrating the curtain.

Blockout curtains can be any colour thanks to this thick acrylic backing, so you can find them in a fantastic range of colours, prints and patterns. They're quite heavy, so aren't that suited for use with holdbacks or tie-backs, but look fantastic when paired with sheer bedroom curtains to give you total light control. Combining them with sheers also softens the room, allowing dreamy daylight to come through while maintaining your privacy, and the flowy sheers will contrast nicely with your heavier blockouts.

Sheer curtains layered with block out black curtains

Bedroom Curtains For Allergy-Prone Sleepers

Allergies can make trying to sleep a nightmare, and while it's usually your bedding that needs adjusting if you find you have a runny nose and itchy eyes at night, the right curtains can also help alleviate your symptoms. Rather than a specific style of curtain, look for drapes made from materials that are easy to wash like polyester, cotton and linen. Curtains made from these materials can be cleaned in a washing machine (as long as they don't have any sort of lining like acrylic) on a delicate setting with mild detergent. Keeping your curtains clean from dust, dirt and hair will prevent them from building up and aggravating your allergies - this will happen more often if you like to open the windows in your bedroom, so extend their life between washes by dusting them or wiping them down frequently.

Curtains without linings will have a lovely drape, so can be styled in all sorts of elegant ways (similar to the room-darkening curtains we discussed above). If you will be cleaning your bedroom curtains regularly, choose ones in lighter colours so you don't need to worry about the hues bleeding or fading over time

Bedroom Curtains For Smaller Bedrooms

While smaller bedrooms can feel cosy, many people will feel cramped trying to relax in a smaller space. You need some small bedroom curtain ideas, and we've got them in spades!

The first feature to look for is curtain colour. Lighter curtains tend to make a space feel larger, so look for plain curtains in white, cream, beige or even light grey. These airy colours will help freshen up your bedroom and are especially good when paired with sheer curtains.

How you choose to hang your bedroom curtains can also influence how small or large the space feels. If you've only got a small window available (like in an apartment), hang a single curtain across it on a rod and ensure it extends out enough so that you can fully expose the window when you need some light. If you have the space, hang your curtains above the windows towards the ceiling, and have them dangle down to the floor- this will make your bedroom look taller, and extending the curtain past the edges of the window will also help make it look wider!

Finally, make good use of sheer curtains to let natural light into your space. Natural light can help make any space feel fresh and airy, rather than yellow or white electric lights that can cause a space to feel stuffy and uncomfortably bright. Using sheers ensures you can enjoy dewy, diffused natural light while also maintaining privacy in your bedroom during the day.

Try any of these small bedroom curtain ideas to make your room feel more spacious, lighter and more refreshing to rest in!

Children's Bedroom Curtains

Most children's bedroom curtains are focused on form over function, so there are plenty of cool and colourful options to choose from. Kids will love getting involved in picking their own bedroom curtains - choose from breezy sheer bedroom curtains in pinks and blues, colourful kids' blockout curtains featuring all sorts of cool patterns and even awesome Harry Potter or polka dot curtains!

The key to choosing children's bedroom curtains is to ensure they're easy to hang and safe to use. Rod pocket, tab top and eyelet curtains all slide easily on and off a curtain rod, making them ideal for use in kid's rooms. To avoid any potential choking or tripping hazards, choosing children's bedroom curtains without cords is a must. The curtains mentioned above do not use cords to operate and are safe options. If you must have pencil pleats curtains or even roller blinds in your child's room, make sure the cords have been tied up and away from where your child can reach them, and that they are secure in where you have placed them.

Venetian blinds layered with printed fabric curtains

Discover The Perfect Bedroom Curtains At Spotlight

We hope we've inspired you with some of these bedroom curtain ideas! Head into your nearest Spotlight store to choose your bedroom curtains in person, or shop online, pay your way and we'll deliver your bedroom curtains straight to your front door.

Before you start bringing your bedroom curtain ideas to life we encourage you to read our buying guides on how to hang curtains and how to measure your windows. And for more curtain ideas and inspiration, check out our blogs on how to make your own curtains, how to layer your window and six mistakes to avoid when hanging your own curtains.




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