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Basic Crafting Supplies You Need For The Kids!

Spotlight provides lots of basic crafting supplies for kids, including this range of pom poms, chenille sticks and feathers. Now, you may wonder about the basic crafting supplies every child should have in their craft room. So, Spotlight created this overview of basic kids' crafting supplies to ensure you have all the right supplies.

What Are The Crafting Supplies Kids Use The Most?

Certain crafting supplies are used more than others. In fact, when you think about your childhood, there are items you probably remember crafting with. Of course, times change and so do crafting project. So, what are the most used crafting supplies for kids today?

Chenille sticks: These items are used for a large variety of projects, going from construction focussed projects to art. Fortunately, chenille sticks are extremely affordable and can be purchased in bulk at Spotlight.

Yarn: Whether it is used to create the illusion of hair on a drawing or to teach children how to knit or crochet, there are countless applications for yarn in children's crafts. As soon as your child is old enough to use yarn, you will never run out of projects to use it in.

Paper: Your child's craft room is not complete without a large collection of paper. Children's drawings constructed paper masterpieces, and so much more, there is an endless number of things kids can do with paper.

Please note that other things made from paper can be included in your child's craft room as well - this includes paper plates and tissue paper. So, be sure to look at these additional options too.

Glue: Like paper, glue is indispensable in a child's craft room. Gluing is one of the first crafting actions children learn at home, even before they learn in school. So, a glue stick is certainly something that needs to be included in your craft room.

What Are Some Additional Child-Friendly Crafting Supplies?

We already mentioned some of the most popular children's crafting supplies, but there are some supplies that are useful, yet you might not have thought about them in the past. So, here are some of the surprising yet interesting crafting supplies for the child's hobby room.

Masking tape: If you have some masking tape left from your latest home painting job, do not get rid of it. In fact, masking tape is easy to work with and rips apart easily, making it perfect for smaller hands to manipulate.

Felt: Felt is not just a great crafting material for adults. As the material can be manipulated without needing a needle and thread, it makes a perfect crafting material for kids too. In addition to that, felt can easily be reused, so if your little one is not happy with the project, they can easily start all over again.

Clothespins: This is a crafting material you might have worked with as a child. Clothespins are functional in your daily household, but they make great crafting materials too. You can colour them, glue them together into a marvellous construction, and so much more. So, be sure you get some good old-fashioned wooden clothespins for your children to craft with.

Other Crafting Supplies Available At Spotlight

After you checked out the range of pom poms, chenille sticks, and feathers, be sure to check out the other basic crafting supplies available at Spotlight. The range of basic crafting supplies contains suitable crafting materials for children as well as adults, so crafters of any age will find what they need in the Spotlight range.

Need some basic crafting supplies today? Be sure to benefit from the sharp prices in the Spotlight catalogue, as well as the great bulk deals on items such as chenille sticks, feathers, and pom poms.



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