Host the perfect drinking night with our range of barware, including cocktail glasses, martini glasses and ice buckets. Shop barware at a great price at Spotlight.

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Discover Amazing Barware At Spotlight

If you like entertaining friends and family at home, check out Spotlight's range of wine glasses, stemware, cocktail glasses and barware, all ideal for making and serving the perfect drink. Shop online or in-store today! At Spotlight you can find barware from quality brands such as Wiltshire, Culinary Co, Royal Leerdam and many more great brands you know and love.

What Kinds Of Barware Can I Find at Spotlight?

From ice cube trays that aim to mould the perfect cube to bottle stoppers that will help to keep your beverage fresh, we have a wide choice of barware available.

  • We have a great range of ice cube trays, from traditional ice cube trays that are available in lots of different shapes and sizes to steel ice cubes that will keep your drink at the perfect temperature without watering it down. Our trays can be used for so much more than water - freeze fruit for a delightful surprise in your summer cocktail, make bite-size desserts, or freeze coffee cubes for an icy frappuccino at home.
  • Bottle bags are a great way to transport wine safely and securely. These insulating products are great for parties, the beach, or for holding wine for that romantic picnic for two. With soft handles that make them easy to carry, we have bottle bags that will even hold two bottles for those extra-thirsty occasions!
  • Bottle sealers will help to keep your beverages fresher for longer, ensuring your champers will maintain their fizz and your wine will not turn. Ideal for people who love a glass of wine on a weeknight, but are not quite in the mood for the whole bottle, these fabulous stoppers will keep it fresh for the next time.
  • Make cocktails like a professional mixologist with one of our cocktail shakers. Our cocktail shaker sets are an ideal gift for a family member or friend who prefers it shaken not stirred. Our individual shakers are available in a range of different styles to suit your needs, and some of them are even labelled with clear measurements and instructions for making popular drinks!

Barware FAQs

How to set up a home bar?

If you have the space for it, creating your own bar at home makes entertaining so much easier. Ideally you will have access to water at your bar, a source of power for a fridge and freezer and plenty of lighting. For a more in-depth explanation of how to set up a home bar, read our full guide here!

How to set up a bar counter at home?

If you don't have the space for a full bar, setting up a bar counter at home is the next best thing to do. A bar counter is a spacious bench, table or, yes, a counter, that you can store and mix drinks on. Set up your bar counter near your kitchen so you have easy access to water, ice and garnishes, and also so you are near to cleaning equipment if needed!

What are some bar cabinet ideas I can try?

A bar cabinet is a stylish way to show off your collection of wines and spirits. Bar cabinets are often mirrored at the back to help make the space look bigger, and can have in-built down lights or strip lighting as well. You may like to have glass-panelled cabinet doors in front of your alcohol to keep them safe from wandering hands if needed.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

While some tasty drinks are lovely, you might need a few more tools and accessories to outfit your kitchen and dining space with!

  • Servingware - discover our range of beautiful platters and trays, perfect for your next charcuterie or cheese board creation.
  • Tableware - set the table with plates, bowls and cutlery from our tableware collection.
  • Drinkware - from decorative coffee mugs to simple glass tumblers, our drinkware category has what you need to stay hydrated in style.

Find everything else you need in our dining category!

Find The Right Barware And Entertain Your Friends And Family With The Range At Spotlight

Mix, pour and enjoy delicious drinks with Spotlight's range of quality barware, which includes ice buckets, trays and cocktail glasses (including fan-favourite martini glasses!).

Choose your barware online, pay your way and have your order home delivered - or visit your local Spotlight store to choose your barware in person. Make sure you are testing your new barware right by checking our cleaning and storing guide for glassware. And for fun event ideas to bring the drinks out for, browse our celebrate blog online!



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