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Spotlight offers all supplies you could ever need for your sewing projects - this does not only include the essentials such as sewing needles and fabrics, but also beautiful trims. Learn more about the available trims at Spotlight today, and find the perfect additions for all your sewing projects!

What Are Tassels?

Tassels can be described as loosely hanging threads and cords, which also have a knot at the end. These tassels can be used for a variety of sewing projects - this includes trims for soft furnishings, clothing and more.

At Spotlight, customers can find tassels in all shapes, sizes and colours. Available colours at Spotlight include yellow, grey, black, and even countless metallic colours that can make your projects a lot more special.

What Are Name Tags?

A name tag is a trim that is commonly used in clothing. The tag usually contains the name of the clothing's owner - this ensures that the clothing does not get misplaced or lost. However, name tags can be used for other purposes too, since they can be used as a detail trim on other sewing projects.

What Is a Velvet Ribbon Trim?

As the name of this trim suggests, the velvet ribbon trim is made from a velvet material. It is commonly used as a detail on apparel, fashion accessories, and numerous craft projects. Of course, this type of ribbon is available in other materials as well, so customers can easily find a trim that matches their project.

What Is Twill Tape?

Twill tape is a flat twill-woven ribbon. The ribbon can be made from a variety of fibres - this includes cotton, linen, polyester, and wool. Twill tape is commonly used to reinforce seams in sewing projects, but also for the creation of casings, binding edges, and closing garments.

What Is a Band Trim?

Band trims are commonly used in the creation of lightweight curtains. The trim is used to finish the edges of the curtain - this ensures the curtain has a clean and even finish - this instead of a ruffle finish that could occur after cutting fabric.

What Is a Lace Trim?

Lace trims are special open-fabric trims. They are characterised by ornamental patterns, which enables crafters to use it as an extra dimension on sewing projects. Lace trims have been around for a long time, since lace trims can be traced back to 15th and 16th century Europe.

What Is a Chain Trim?

Chain trims can be made from fabrics, but also from other materials such as plastic, metal, wood, rhinestone, and pearls. Depending on your crafting project, you can select the material that matches your project best. Naturally, chain trims are commonly used to put an accent on apparel and other sewing projects.

What Is a Venice Lace Trim?

A Venice lace trim is a special type of needle lace - this type of lace was first created in 17th century Italy. Venice lace trims are commonly used as a detail on wedding dresses, but they are also used in the creation of theatre costumes - this because of their dramatic weight and extraordinary design.

What Is a Butterfly Pleat Trim?

Butterfly pleat trims have obtained their name because of their overall look, since the trim resembles a series of connected butterflies. The butterfly pleat trim is commonly used in curtains, but it could be used for sofa covers and chair covers too.

What Is a Ruffle Trim?

Ruffle trims are quite like butterfly pleat trims, since they are also used for the creation of eyelet curtains and furnishing coverings. Their look is quite similar too, although the ruffle trim is a little more dramatic than the butterfly pleat trim.

What Is a Braids Trim?

Braid trimming is quite a common occurrence in haberdashery projects. The braid trim is characterised by a braid pattern. Therefore, most of these trims are quite strong as well as creative and unique. As you may expect, braid trims are often used in apparel and other sewing projects to make the project stand out more.

What Other Trims Can I Obtain from Spotlight?

We already mentioned some of the popular trims you can obtain from Spotlight, but there are many others left to discover. To discover our full range of trims, be sure to head over to the catalogue and check out all our available trims.

Do you have a question about any of our trims or sewing supplies? Or are you looking for a specific trim, but having trouble locating it in our extensive catalogue? Do not hesitate to contact the Spotlight team for more information. Customers can contact the Spotlight team via telephone and email, upon which we will provide you with the information you require. Alternatively, customers can also check out our trims collection in person by visiting one of our Spotlight stores!



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