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Spotlight offers sewing kits and travel sewing kits for both beginners and advanced crafters. Discover our entire collection online or in-store today!

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Can I purchase sewing kits at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Sewing kits are an essential item in every household, workplace or office to ensure that small repairs or accidents can be dealt with immediately. You can also have more elaborate sewing kits which include useful items such as poppers, elastic and tape measure or scissors. If you like sewing, crafting, knitting or other needlework, you will want to build up a sewing kit that has all the essentials in one convenient place so that you have everything to hand when needed.

What should I have in my sewing kit?

If you are new to the world of sewing, you may need to start by getting some basic supplies. Every sewing kit should include at least the following items:

1. Scissors. Buy the best pair of dressmaking scissors that you can afford, and make sure they do not get used to cut string, cardboard or other items as this will blunt them quickly.
2. A second, smaller pair of scissors is also a good idea, for loosening threads or cutting into awkward corners.
3. Pins. A box of good quality pins with coloured heads is invaluable for all your sewing projects. Pins are available in different lengths and qualities and should always be sharp.
4. A seam ripper. Chances are that you will have to undo some stitching at some point and a seam ripper is an excellent tool. They often come with sewing machines.
5. Measuring tape or tools. Make sure your measuring tape is in inches or centimetres according to your preference. For other crafts like quilting, you may also want to invest in some rulers to help you create accurate shapes.
6. Chalk or a dressmaker's pencil. Never be tempted to use an ordinary pen to put marks on your sewing projects as they may not wash out.
7. Needles and thread. Start with a packet of assorted needles. You can expand your collection with curved needles, self-threading needles, darning needles and many more specialist options. If you are planning to do a lot of sewing, buy individual spools of thread - for small repair jobs, you can usually buy a card with various common colours threaded onto it.

What else is available in this range?

For people who have a sewing machine, it is useful to have a separate kit or container to keep bobbins in. Bobbins are the small round objects on which you wind the bottom thread for your sewing projects. Having some spare ones can be a real help as it will allow you to keep your most often used colours ready to use, rather than having to remove leftover thread after every project.

Also useful is a small sewing kit that you can take with you in a handbag or in a suitcase, for emergency repairs when you are away from home. Ideal for buttons that come loose at inconvenient times, a pulled thread that needs fixing, and other small repairs. Make sure it contains some safety pins too, just in case!

Check out the large range of haberdashery items available from Spotlight for extra items to add to your sewing kit - you will be amazed at the variety of products on offer!



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